50 Greatest Tech N9ne Quotes of All Time

by Carter Toni

That are your preferred Tech N9ne quotes?

Tech N9ne or Aaron Dontez Yates is definitely an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

He first got the name Tech N9ne from rapper Black Wally because of his fast rapping style which resembles a TEC-9 semiautomatic hand gun. He’s effectively offered over 2 million albums coupled with his music featured in movies, television, and game titles.

Tech N9ne began out rapping before he may even read or spell. He effectively earned his first platinum record for his song, ‘Caribou Lou, in 2017. Tech N9ne won the Left Field Woodie Award in the MTVU Music Awards in ’09.

Here’s an accumulation of the finest Tech N9ne quotes:

50 Finest Tech N9ne Quotes ever

1. “The reason why people still come to Tech N9ne shows is that they never know what to expect. They know it’s gonna be something wild. From generation to generation, I’ve seen it. The parents are bringing the kids, and then the kids start comin’ themselves. It’s crazy, man.”– Tech N9ne

2. “I know how to do music, no matter how weird I look on stage with the face paint, mask, and hospital scrubs.”– Tech N9ne

3. “My backpack is signed by three members of The Doors. I did a song with Robby Kreiger, John Desmore, and Ray Manzarek. I made my dream come true.”– Tech N9ne

4. “Some people like the dark music I do. The dark music is my life; it isn’t make-believe.”– Tech N9ne

5. “For many different reasons, my number one favorite horror movie is ‘Halloween II.’ I love the way it’s shot, and I love the way the synthesizer sounds on the score.”– Tech N9ne

6. “Guns are going to be here until the end of time; the underworld is going to be here until the end of time. It’s just a sad reality that dumb people use them.”– Tech N9ne

7. “I originally got my name after a gun because the way I rap; a gangster gave me the name in 1988.”– Tech N9ne

8. “When I was signed to Quincy Jones before I went independent, he told me to rap what you know, and people will forever feel you. And I stuck to that, no matter how many people called me a devil worshiper, no matter how many people call me a cult leader. I stuck with rapping about what I know.”– Tech N9ne

9. “I’m not a horrorcore rapper. I rap my life, but I love horror movies.”– Tech N9ne

10. “Since I can remember, being different was always hard around normal people. That’s just how it is, whether you have vitiligo, a deformity, or a different way of thinking or dressing. It’s going to always be weird for normal people.”– Tech N9ne

11. “I’m looking for 100 percent proof that there’s a spiritual realm, and I ain’t seen nothing in my 43 years of living but humans. So until that day, I’ll be waiting.”– Tech N9ne

12. “I don’t really want to do movies, but I tried. I don’t feel like acting is my thing; I think music is my strong area.”– Tech N9ne

13. “When you think you have something special, you can’t be the only one what thinks it; everybody else has to agree.”– Tech N9ne

14. “I feel like breaking barriers is necessary because man created barriers, which keep us separated as human beings.”– Tech N9ne

15. “The beautiful thing about being independent and having my own label is I can say whatever the hell I want.”– Tech N9ne

16. “People’s outlook on Kansas City is always like, ‘They let you rap in K.C.?’ Or ‘How’s Dorothy and Toto?’ They put Kansas and Kansas City together, when it’s really separate.”– Tech N9ne

17. “We are blessed to not have violence at our shows. People come to our shows and act a clown. When you do music, you have no control who comes to your shows. I’m sure they have fights at Miley Cyrus shows.”– Tech N9ne

18. “When I first spit my first rhyme in public on my school bus, I had an audience.”– Tech N9ne

19. “I’ve been around so long that I’ve seen rappers make it and plummet.”– Tech N9ne

20. “I will not change what I am for no amount of money or just kudos for my peers.”– Tech N9ne

21. “My favorite vampire movie used to be Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,’ but now ’30 Days of Night’ took its place. I think it’s brilliant that somebody would be so thoughtful as to put these vampires in a place like Barrow, Alaska, where there are actually 30 Days of Night.”– Tech N9ne

22. “I write in a mathematical manner. For some of my songs, I rhyme every syllable. It’s a science.”– Tech N9ne

23. “I have a certain comfort with the darkness now because it’s been so relevant in my life for so long, with my mom being sick and finally passing and the people changing as you get bigger and bigger. So ‘A Certain Comfort’ is about that. You can bring all the evil you want – I’ma make it disappear.”– Tech N9ne

24. “I’m a different type of rapper. I work more than the average rapper.”– Tech N9ne

25. “Yes, I want to work with Rick Rubin. Yes, I want to work with Trent Reznor. Yes, I want to work with Madlib. Yes, I want to get with all these wonderful people. Collie Buddz, Marsha Ambrosius. I just want to go, man. I’m gonna keep on making music.”– Tech N9ne

26. “I don’t know what genre out there that I would be afraid to do. If I am afraid to do it, that’s not my cup of tea. It ain’t much that’s not my cup of tea.”– Tech N9ne

27. “I’m the complete technique of rhyme. I don’t have no boundaries.”– Tech N9ne

28. “People need each other to help each other up. But we can’t stand near each other because we fear each other. When you get over fear, nothing matters anymore but love.”– Tech N9ne

29. “The crazy thing about me, man, I feel like I’m a normal guy. But, maybe I’m a little abnormal when it comes to talent or something.”– Tech N9ne

30. “You want to have a good job so you can make good money. You want to make good money so you can buy nice things. You want to have nice things so you can impress a nice woman.”– Tech N9ne

31. “My favorite zany horror flick is ‘Evil Dead 2.’ Sam Raimi is awesome! I saw this back in the day when I was younger. ‘Evil Dead’ was actually scary, and ‘Evil Dead 2’ was zany as hell. I don’t really watch ‘Army of Darkness’ though.”– Tech N9ne

32. “Everybody’s darkness is different. My darkness came from my mom having pancreatitis and almost dyin’. And what I noticed was that the darkness ain’t goin’ nowhere.”– Tech N9ne

33. “My uncles listened to rock and roll like Led Zeppelin. We had MTV, so I saw Adam Ant and Boy George and Def Leppard.”– Tech N9ne

34. “I’m the Wi-Fi, so I get everybody connected. I’m trying to let the whole world know that I can keep it connected if you get with me, you know what I’m saying?”– Tech N9ne

35. “My love for music is infinite.”– Tech N9ne

36. “People would be surprised to know that I watch ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘The L Word,’ and ‘Girls.’ I like women; why wouldn’t I like all those?”– Tech N9ne

37. “I’m independent. I use my own money. For everything.”– Tech N9ne

38. “I was always against starting the show with new material because the fans don’t know it. They just look at you, and it’s not explosive.”– Tech N9ne

39. “When I have 7,000 people plus at Red Rock just for a show of mine, I think it’s wonderful to get that many people to come see you.”– Tech N9ne

40. “My quest has always been to get my story to the rest o’ the people.”– Tech N9ne

41. “I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. No one has to give a damn about my story.”– Tech N9ne

42. “If I didn’t have to do press, I would not.”– Tech N9ne

43. “As I got older, I started realizing that though people differ in skin tone, religious beliefs, cultures, and food, one thing we all have in common is emotions, so I tapped into emotions.”– Tech N9ne

44. “The one question I would have for Donald Trump is inspired by his ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. I would ask him, ‘When was America great? When did America not have an economic depression or a war?”– Tech N9ne

45. “When you look at the teachings of the Bible, it’s pretty dark with Revelations, the Holy Ghost and everything, so hence the darkness upon me on my records.”– Tech N9ne

46. “Nnutthowze was a group I was in back when I was like, 18, 19 maybe. It was DJ Icy Rock, my deceased friend Brian Dennis, the mastermind behind it, and a host of other cats.”– Tech N9ne

47. “My mom and my aunties are really devout Christians. My mom married a Muslim when I was 12, so I got teachings from both sides and then other sides because I wanted to find out which way to go. So not only Christianity and Islam, but Confucianism, Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Judaism. I tried to read everything.”– Tech N9ne

48. “We have darkness as human beings.”– Tech N9ne

49. “People on YouTube say they don’t think people should mix genres. Those are the same people who don’t think they should mix races. It’s gonna always be that, but you can only pray that music can bring everybody together as one.”– Tech N9ne

50. “OutKast. For them to come back together to rap with me and my brother Krizz Kaliko would be ginormous.”– Tech N9ne

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