The Beginner’s Guide in Picking Dinnerware Sets

by Carter Toni

While good food can make a good dinner, a good choice of a dinnerware set can easily elevate any dining experience like timeless decor. It’s also as much of an art as cooking because your tableware choice is also an extension of any scrumptious meal you serve at the table.

But how do you know what type of dinnerware set you should have with you? With several material types of dinnerware available out there, we’re here to help you pick out what collection would perfectly suit your dining table. And what better deciding factor than your own personality?

Matching dinnerware and your personality

Consider these queries: Do you prefer sustainability? Which would you favor, consistency or varying styles? In love with fancy dinners? Or maybe you lean in practicality? We listed down below the most popular categories of dinnerware sets, and to what personality each would be great for. Ready to find out what’s yours?

Classic china for the gracious host

If you want to talk about elegant dinnerware that is also a timeless decor, look no further than the china dinnerware sets. Commonly in bright white, they typically exhibit unique and distinct patterns, which make them perfect for display at homes. They are light to hold, but despite that, they are still durable. Your grandma’s collection might still be as good as new.

Chinaware is known for being reserved for guests or special occasions because they really do look good as a decorative element. If you mostly want to prepare a special meal or serve a fancy dish, your fine china can help you further lift the mood. If you’re also the type of person who always hosts formal dinner parties or loves to cook for work colleagues or relatives, make sure to have them by your dinner cabinets.

Bonus, if you’re also into the vintage look, especially in laying out the design of your dining area. You’ll never get wrong with a collection of fine china.

Superb stoneware for the culinary master

You would usually spot stoneware in restaurants rather than at residential, but it also makes a good companion for your home meals. Stoneware is a type of ceramic known for its unique accent and rigidity. It’s thick and heavy, this tableware is made out of clay and has undergone extreme temperature, essentially turning into glass-like properties, but without chipping so easily.

Culinary pros and chefs prefer this because of the stoneware’s capability to distribute and maintain heat for a longer period compared to other dinnerware sets. It’s also very ornamental in the kitchen, in contrast to the traditional stainless “industrial” kitchenware.

If you’re quite the chef and love being in charge of the menu during dinner gatherings, having a stoneware set will definitely complement your prepared dishes. Also perfect for tea parties or when serving soup, it can definitely turn any homemade meal, even the simplest recipes, into an elegant dish.

Melamine dinnerware sets for the savvy and stylistic

Is practicality on top of your priorities? Then the most perfect option is a melamine dinnerware set. Compared to other plastic dinnerware, melamine is not easily scratched or nicked. They are the typical go-to food-ware for outdoor picnics or an afternoon barbecue but use-cases have gone beyond that nowadays, as they are reliable for casual dining, too.

Melamine is actually a type of very strong plastic, but its properties imitate that of ceramic, with a polished and slick surface. Although plastic, they are considered safe for handling and containing food. They are not only budget-friendly but dishwasher-friendly as well.

With a wide range of options you can choose from, a melamine dinnerware set is perfect if you want to combine functionality with your unique style. It comes in many variations, differing in sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. Aside from giving a great value for your money, it’s perfect for those who love to regularly replace their dinnerware theme.

Priceless porcelain for the collector

Another ceramic dinnerware set that is truly a home must-have while also a timeless decor is porcelain. While it may look light, it is actually sturdy and durable. Bearing a smooth and non-porous surface, the porcelain is wonderful at being a non-stick, scratch-resistant type of tableware that is definitely easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re a huge fan of practicality and utility, porcelain can provide you with a higher value given its versatility and high functionality, but without making a huge dent in your budget. Most porcelain can be used both in the oven and freezer, for preheating or storing leftover foods.

Moreover, porcelain is perfect for those who like to mix and match various styles, as you have a wide array of various finishes to choose from. Like with melamine dinnerware, you will most likely find a porcelain dinnerware set that suits your specific preferences.

Wooden dinnerware for the nature-lover

While you would think of wooden plates and cutlery as another beautiful, timeless decor for your home, they are also great for actual use. Wooden tableware is known to have the least chemical compounds that may affect one’s health, so anyone, from toddlers to your granny, can use this type of tableware without much worry. If you opt for wooden dinnerware sets, you wouldn’t have to think about them breaking or chipping, so safe for use by your little kids.

Wood also doesn’t corrode, unlike other metallic materials. Not only that, but it’s also a great heat dissipator, wood being a non-conductor of heat. No need to use mittens to pass the bowl of that steaming soup. Another great use of wood, being natural, is it can hold the taste of your scrumptious meal much longer without distorting its original flavors.

The pièce de résistance? A wooden dinnerware set is perfect if you’re a huge Mother Earth-lover. It is highly sustainable because wood is biodegradable. While it lasts long, at the end of its shelf life, you won’t have to worry about it being a permanent waste. So if you’re big on both sustainability and safety, wooden dinnerware is the way to go.

Shiny stainless steel for the most-organized

Do you want maximum durability for your dinnerware? Then the stainless steel set is your absolute must-have. Popular in Indian homes for centuries, now, many modern households from across the world are embracing steel’s unique properties as tableware. Stainless steel is actually a staple in many kitchen products because of its significant durability and indestructibility.

One of the main reasons people choose stainless steel dinnerware is when they want their food to stand out above anything else. Aside from its sturdiness, steel can also hold and maintain the temperature and intended taste of the food the longest. That’s why they are great as flatware and kitchenware.

Are you also someone who likes to organize and appreciates consistency? You would appreciate how easy it is to store this type of dinnerware, as they are usually stackable and can save some space. They also only require low maintenance. Plus, they are the most complete from cups to bowls and saucers and salad plates matching your cutlery… you name it. We’d say that’s fine dining at its finest.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of compatibility between your dinnerware and your personality? Now, you’re acquainted with the differences between these dinnerware types–it’d be much easier to decide which one to stock at home based on which traits we mentioned matched!

Whether you consider them as a timeless decoration or as your cooking companion, your dinnerware choice is more than just mere table props. The right dinnerware accentuates any meal it contains and satisfies any dinner participants, both in taste and in sight.

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