The Best Plants for the Office

by Carter Toni

Office Plant

Plants can have a massive impact on our mood, productivity, and health, and nowhere is it more important to look after these three facets than in the office. Workplaces are notorious for being uninspiring and a drain on people’s mental wellbeing, and they can also pave the way for countless physical health issues, too.

There are lots of tips and tricks you can implement to make the office a more pleasant and productive way to be, including buying ergonomic furniture and making the most of natural light. One of the more unknown yet effective things you can do to better the office environment is to invest in plants.

Lots of businesses have a dead plant in the corner or a flower patch that’s seen better days, but there are a number of plants that are so hardy and low maintenance they’ll survive almost anything, including the office.

So, if your office is feeling a bit stale, lackluster, or just plain boring, here are some of the best plants you can buy to spruce it up a bit.

1. Spider Plant

If you want something that is leafy and green but that requires next to no effort to look after, the spider plant is ideal. Firstly, whilst they require sunlight (place them next to a window or a door), they only need watering every two or three weeks. This means the plant won’t die in the time it takes you to realize it needs watering again – perfect for the office!

The benefits of spider plants don’t stop there, though. They are among the best plants for purifying the air, removing lots of toxins and irritants from the air. This is particularly useful in offices which are often stale are that can be irritating to people’s allergies.

2. Snake Plant

Next is the snake plant. Like the spider plant, the snake plant doesn’t need much in the way of watering or pruning. This plant can survive drought-like conditions, and with how busy offices can be, this is ideal. Unlike spider plants, snake plants are much more uniform in their appearance, meaning they are ideal for desks or smaller areas where you don’t want leaves taking up too much room.

3. Monstera

For larger offices where you want to use a plant for mostly décor purposes, the monstera is perfect. This large potted floor plant doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive, and it only needs watering when the top half of the soil is dry. It’s one of the better options if you need to spruce up your reception area or don’t quite know what to put in the corner of the meeting room.

4. English Ivy

English Ivy has long been revered for its medicinal purposes. It’s known to reduce breathing issues and is also celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll commonly see it in bathrooms because it can help to reduce mold, but it looks great and purifies the air wherever it is.

5. Bay Tree

If your office has an outdoor area like a courtyard or a patio, you can make it feel more inviting and put together with outdoor plants. A bay tree is particularly good because it can be potted, meaning it’s easy to keep under control and move around should you need to. In theory, a bay tree could also be placed indoors in a waiting room, helping to boost the mood of anyone who enters your building and make them feel clam and relaxed as most plants to.

Which of these plants – if any – will you be putting in your office?

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