The Easy Way to Solve Wordscapes

by Carter Toni

Solving wordscapes can be tricky – especially for those of us who haven’t been paying attention to our Scrabble game for a few weeks. Sometimes you need some perspective. Sometimes you just want someone to give you the perfect solution. Wordscapes can be tricky. Here is a step by step guide to solving Wordscapers. The first thing to do is use the hint button one time. It’s based on the classic crossword puzzle game called Scrabble.  But what if you could get help from the computer – by playing wordscapes?

What is Wordscapes?

Wordscapes is a word game that gives you several words in one puzzle. Some examples of the words include -scrabble, scrapbook, squirrel, dribble, and whimper. If you are stuck on a puzzle, the use of hints can provide a majority of your answer. Wordscapes is the perfect dating site if you are looking to spice up your love life with a little logic. The game has got word search puzzles that you can solve with your partner on a date. There are also many fun variations and charm packs that you can use to make the game really interesting.

How to Solve Wordscapes

Wordscapes can be tricky. Here is a step by step guide to solving Wordscapers. The first thing to do is use the hint button one time. After that, click on the “start” button at the bottom of this page and a list of words flashes on screen. Shaded boxes indicate more than one possible solution, but only one correct solution per row as indicated by colors.

Solutions to the Hardest Level in Wordscapes

The easy level in Wordscapes contains lots of Greek and Latin-based words. To solve these words, you need many more letters than you do to get matched on the harder levels. To help bust this difficult level, we have a list of matches for each letter. Many of these pages contain only one word that starts with that alphabetical letter, so check back often if you’re struggling!

Getting The Gold Star for Unscrambling Every Word in Wordscapes

Over 8 million players enjoy playing Wordscapes around the world. If you are an addict like these folks, then this blog is for you. We won’t provide detailed instructions or low-level hints; we won’t tell you where to position your tiles in order to fix a current word. We will give you a primer on how to focus your mind and crush the competition. Get ready, there are over 31 word types that will have you competing and striving no matter what level of skill you are at!


Wordscapes is an easy browser-based game. It’s perfect for someone that has lots of spare time and needs something to help pass it. It’s also a social app where you can talk with other players if you’re the competitive type. Wordscapes is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like word games!

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