Improve Your Marketing With Bulk Text Messaging

by Carter Toni

Bulk text messaging and automatic messaging are a great tool for any business! This article shares how these types of software tools can increase your conversions dramatically, and what steps you should take to test them out.

General reasons for and use of bulk text marketing

Besides the regular social media advertising ads, bulk text messaging is sometimes one of the best options to have. It’s a way for marketers to contact their audience directly without the companies having a way for users to sign up for updates on their marketing. As long as the consumer has a contact number, they can communicate with any company who sends them messages via an SMS platform. Between customer service and third party monitoring, bulk texting can be an effective and efficient way to get your message across while it’s in high traffic periods such as when someone is free or during shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

What is automated bulk text messaging?

Bulk text messaging is a marketing tactic that involves sending large amounts of text messages to customers with specific offers, discounts, or offers. Automated bulk text messaging is done through automated data management tools that use information pulled from CRM systems. It’s important to continue an automated conversation with customers too because the customer usually only reacts once to an advertisement and after that they are no longer in consideration for receiving future advertisements.

What is a message response plan?

Listening to customer feedback is important, and with a message response plan, you can identify your customers when they are most apt to respond. From this information, you’ll be able to identify the best time for your company communications. A message response plan can also help improve your conversions rate and better engage users

How to build out your SMS marketing campaign

bulk text messaging, more commonly referred to as SMS marketing, is one of the cheapest and most effective methods for marketing your business. It costs nothing to send text messages to a list of people, a directory, or even every subscriber in your phone book. You can target places where they spend their money which means they’re more likely to notice and respond to your marketing initiative.


Put your marketing dollars where your prospects are right now. To recap, there is a proven conversion benefit to American cell phone users when they conduct text message interactions with texts being sent to more than one hundred recipients at one time. This can increase click-through rates, sales, and response rates by as much as 352%. Of course this requires the right strategy.

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