The Future of The Web Hosting Industry – Statistics, Latest Predictions & Trends!

by Glenn Maxwell

It may be challenging to maintain advancements within the internet hosting market! Around the board, there are way too many moving parts. Technology developments, innovations, and something-of-a-kind real-world happenings, like the COVID-19 pandemic, are only a couple of from the variables at the office.

While calculating the marketplace size and development of the web site hosting sector, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and hosting, is almost impossible because of various factors, you will find countless tools available on the web. You’ve arrived at the right site should you not want to find out which one is easily the most accurate and reliable.

General Website Hosting Industry Statistics

When did the website hosting business get its start? The number of hostnames happen to be registered on the web?

The beginnings from the website hosting sector were small. Everything started in 1969 with simply four hosts. Within the next 50 years, the sphere exploded to some whopping 126 million hosts, $ 30 million domains, and 28.two million websites.

Over 1.21 billion hostnames were registered online by 2021. However, not every one of these web sites are operational. The truth is, only roughly 200.8 million from the 1.21 billion registered hostnames are on the internet and active. Only 15.five percent of registered hostnames are active websites.

The worldwide marketplace for website hosting services continues to be expanding. Its size was evaluated at $56.7 billion in 2019. Based on predictions, it’ll rise in a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 15.five percent from 2020 to 2027.

The website hosting business marketplace is likely to expand to $171.4 billion by 2027. Simultaneously, this conjecture implies that the would grow in a CAGR of 15.five percent from 2020 to 2027.

5 Best Hosting Trends for 2022/2023

Let’s consider the newest website hosting trends and just how the is coping with the down sides threatening its market position.

Trend #1: Eco-friendly Website Hosting

The annual CO2 emissions from the web are equal to 31 million cars traveling all over the world concurrently. What caused this to occur?

Besides the web-developers who manage all the servers, all the gear will get its great amount of attention, or even more. Such as the everyday electronics we use, for example our phones, tablets, and computers, they have a tendency to obtain hot when employed for a long period.

Fortunately, website hosting firms are starting to purchase carbon offset programs. Eco-friendly website hosting involves web hosting companies positively taking part in eco-friendly projects to lessen negative ecological impacts, accomplished by obtaining alternative energy certificates (RECs) or carbon offset certificates (VER).

Trend #2: Multi-Cloud Computing

Emerging technologies which allow business resilience, team collaboration, and large data management, for example multi-cloud computing, allow companies to mitigate COVID-19 effects and buckle up for future years.

This relatively recent cloud-based hosting technique involves disbursing various cloud assets, for example documents and software, across several cloud environments. A business with this particular business design utilizes many platforms to function. Consequently, it liberates an organization from dependency on one cloud host with many providers. A company can choose just the best-of-breed services from each cloud host with this particular configuration.

Trend #3: HTTPS because the Standard

In 2018, Google Chrome labeled “non-secure” to non-HTTPS websites and encouraged sites to simply accept this standard by providing a ranking boost. Consequently, 97 from every 100 websites may have switched to HTTPS (Google, 2021) by early 2021. Consequently, supplying free HTTPS is just about the norm within the website hosting industry. Failure emigrate to HTTPS can considerably impact site rankings, which may be pricey for web-based enterprises.

There are many benefits of adopting HTTPS. It improves a website’s internet search engine ranking, fosters customer trust, and, most crucially, safeguards sensitive data. Using HTTPS is crucial for that security of the website, which helps to ensure that any information collected online is safe and impossible for many Internet online hackers to steal.

Trend #4: Security Protocols

Recently, several data breaches and cybersecurity meltdowns have compelled hosting providers to bolster security. Consequently, supplying customer privacy protection has become more essential than ever before for website hosting providers.

A effective website hosting solution must give additional abilities to safeguard clients’ sensitive information. Hosting security protocols, for example CMS vulnerability compliance checks, standard SSL certification, and encrypted data storage, have become more prevalent.

Domain privacy is yet another excellent option that the hosting company may provide. Many website hosting companies provide it as being an add-on option.

Trend #5: Less Data Centers

Less companies are coming up with their very own data centers nowadays. A number of variables causes this decline. Still, the most crucial influence may be the migration towards the cloud.

The cloud is eliminating some data center functions and is among the causes adding towards the loss of data centers. Because of so many companies using the cloud, infrastructures for setting up data centers aren’t needed.

The Ultimate Verdict – The way forward for Website Hosting

There are many new prospects within the website hosting market, but you must understand where aspects like the atmosphere, cloud, and privacy protocols stand regarding website hosting.

Clearly, the website hosting sector doesn’t have choice but to maneuver forward-as long as it is constantly on the evolve and adjust to the ever-altering digital market. The simplicity of use of online movies and also the creation of mobile browsing and apps, for example various mobile marketing platforms, have pressed the boundaries of the items website hosting can provide to the development of websites.

And if you wish to stick out in the industry, fundamental essentials trends it’s important to consider while you build up your plan!

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