The importance of female friendship for every woman

by Carter Toni

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Friendship is a fundamental human need and one that most people on the planet require to feel like they belong. Men and women can create strong friendships, but nothing compares to the bond formed between girls. As women, we seek understanding and companionship that most men can’t provide. Girlfriends are an invaluable escape from daily life and should be someone with who you can share an emotional connection. Whether you have a BFF or you’re trying to find some new girlfriends to spend time with – why are female friends so important?

Unconditional Love and Support

The best girlfriends are always there for you, no matter what. Friendships and relationships with boys can be treacherous, especially where emotions are at play. Girls, on the other hand, better understand your feelings and can provide love and support whenever it’s needed. Women go through so many things that men are clueless about, so having girlfriends is always helpful when times are tough.

Stress Relief

Having a supportive network of women around you can be a vital stress reliever. Fun activities like a girl’s night out can be an effective way to blow off some steam at the end of the week, and girls are often better listeners allowing you to share your thoughts and emotions. Even so much as catching up on the phone with some of your girlfriends can help you to recharge your batteries.

Confidence Boost

Women are great at giving each other a confidence boost. We understand what our friends want to hear to feel good about themselves. It’s this ability that can often separate men and women, which is why spending time with the girls can be just what you need if you aren’t feeling confident in yourself. Spending time around other women can make you and your girlfriends feel stronger.

Sharing is Caring

One of the best things about being close with a girlfriend is sharing. This can include anything – clothes, makeup, thoughts, feelings and much more. Borrowing a dress or some heels from a friend is a great way to shake up your look on a night out without having to splash the cash. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a friend is a powerful way to offload unwanted or negative thoughts, helping you to move on or grow as a person.

How to show your appreciation

If there’s a special woman in your life that plays an important role as your friend, you must show them how much they mean to you. It’s all about the little things – buying a thoughtful birthday card for her or being there when she needs you most. As the old saying goes, treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Girlfriends are invaluable in the world today, so ensure that you cherish them at all times.

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