In spite of the country’s unrelenting lightsaber fever, some people are still trying to create the mythical weapon. According to a video maker, he almost succeeded in creating the weapon.

What a real  lightsaber is

Well, a lightsaber is nothing in reality. In the Star Wars universe, however, it is a weapon that has great power. Creating stable plasma using a crystal requires channeling energy through the crystal. Almost anything can be cut with this blade if you give it enough time. It is said that a lightsaber is difficult to use and even more difficult to master, due to its weight and balanced nature. Zia sabers originally used plywood poles for lightsaber props. These poles were wrapped in projection fabric to create a reflective surface. In post-production, they were painted. An old camera handle was used as the handle for this production.

Modern lightsaber reproductions

Reproductions of lightsabers have been made by several companies. By employing polycarbonate poles with LEDs built-in, you can achieve a very realistic appearance, which will enable you to reenact those backyard battles more effectively than using a broomstick or whatever you did when you were a kid. But, they’re not Real Lightsaber. In contrast to blunt objects, they don’t pose much danger, except for the damage you can do by hitting them.

Real lightsabers aren’t possible

As far as science is concerned, a lightsaber would not be possible. Some estimates indicate that the blade would require several dozen power plants to create. If you did that, nothing we know can contain it now; it would simply go off like lightning and travel toward anything conductive. As a matter of fact, you would probably die if you attempted the whole thing.

He calls his device a protostar because it is not self-contained, but instead uses a battery pack. Apparently, the original Star Wars sabers were also like this in some arcane books.

However, it is not a real lightsaber. But it’s close enough. A tungsten pole covered in some kind of filament receives a crapton of current rather than a beam of light. With the glowing sword in hand, you can certainly beat anything into submission. The weapon could be lethal in a fight, whether it is used by the attacker or the recipient.

The internet doesn’t have enough dumb stuff

There are videos on YouTube of people melting things with giant balls of nickel, pressing things in hydraulic presses, and doing just about anything else you can think of to destroy things. It’s just one of the things you can do on the internet. There is a video of everything that is capable of destroying another thing. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what the inventors probably meant When the Internet was invented, the Internet was intended to be the world’s most comprehensive information resource. Right?

We have authentic lightsaber replicas for sale at ultra sabers that are themed after the weapons you see in films, TV series, comic books, and animated features. Unlike cheap toys, these replicas are very real and offer you the best experience possible. However, you must purchase real swords.


Lightsabers are a great way to show off your fandom. The centerpiece to the display can be your personal weapon or a collection of various hill styles and blade colors to create a Jedi or a Sith.

Lightsabers like those made by Zia make great conversation pieces. Present your custom creations to the guests and explain their significance. From the hilt to the blade, each part has a story to tell. Create a backstory for the character to whom your lightsaber belongs, or for your lightsaber.


Having your own lightsaber means that you are connected to the saber’s use. A Jedi or Sith builds a saber as part of their rite of passage in star wars lore. This is why it’s crucial to customize lightsabers when buying real ones. It is the color of your custom-made lightsabers that will first catch your attention. Each lightsaber color represents a different symbolism and meaning from Ulta Sabers. Examples include

The blue blade of Anakin’s lightsaber that Obi-wan handed to Luke was a combat saber used primarily by Jedi.

Green is calmer and wiser than Skywalker, so he built himself a sword-like Yoda with a green blade that represents peace and a quest for knowledge.

Dark and light users alike wield purple lightsabers with purple blades. In general, loners tend to be more independent. One of the most recognizable types of wine is mace.

Last but not least

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By James Martin

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