Strategic Content Writing To Take Your SEO And Organic Traffic To The Next Level

by James Martin


The world is driven by the internet today and websites are the islands in this vast sea of information. When you are looking to increase your website hits, the quality as well as the quantity of written content will determine how successful your brand will be and how much potential it has for the long run. Like it or not, we live in a content-driven world where the worth of a product or a service is determined by the product description and associated content.

Here are some strategic content writing tips to ensure that your seo and organic traffic both reach higher levels. There are no secret or magic formulas to ensure a good piece of content; it requires blood, sweat and tears. However, these tips will help you along the way.


Audiences have a fickle attention span and we are not just talking about children here. Research has shown that it takes just about 3 seconds for a website visitor to decide whether to stay or go to a different website selling the same services/products. When you are writing a blog, even if it is an amazing read, you will lose out on readers and subscribers if your headline is weak. Ideally, a headline sparks interest evokes emotion and makes the reader more interested in the topic of the content. This is where an SEO agency can help you, crafting riveting headlines ensuring readability and information.

Attention Hook

Remember that you have only 3 seconds to play with when a reader visits your blog section and reads the headline of a particular post. The first sentence after the headline is also of great significance, determining whether the reader will continue reading your piece. With an SEO Perth agency working on your content, it should be able to capture attention and lead the reader seamlessly into the first point of your piece.

Effective Research

This cannot be over-emphasized. In order to write with authority, you need to have vast knowledge and experience regarding the topic. Now, with the internet as a tool, there is no dearth of information out there on the web. This is especially important if you are writing in a b2b market. A good idea is to include metrics, data as well as statistics to underscore your points and arguments. This will enhance your credibility and establish you as an authority on the subject.

Single Key Message

Every content piece that you write needs to have a main theme or message. It will serve you well if you identify this before starting to write. While you are in flow, keep reminding yourself about the main message of the post and reinforce it whenever needed. This also helps the reader to gather invaluable information from you, which is the main purpose of your writing the post in the first place.

Your Voice Should Be Unique

When you are writing content for a brand or a business, remember that your content will be the voice of the brand and it should be aligned to the tone and tenor of the company’s values and objectives. This helps you to tune into the target audience, the persona of the brand and its business goals. It is not an easy job to do, but it has to be done so that things can move forward. Many SEO experts are extremely good with their writing skills, which is why it makes sense to entrust your writing to an SEO consultant in perth. It takes talent and rigorous practice to make a superlative writer and not everyone has it. So instead of jeopardizing your blog post with inferior writing, it is a better choice to go ahead with an seo company that has the requisite talent.

Digital Content Optimisation

Some of the basic trademarks of a good piece of digital content are that there are short sentences, short paragraphs and bullet lists. This makes the dissemination of information much easier for the reader. He/she will be able to remember the things discussed if the facts and figures are presented in the right manner. Again, you will need to optimise every piece of digital content on your hands for seo purposes. This will lead to an increase in organic traffic to your website and more business henceforth.


Editing your work is one of the most fundamental practices in writing strategic content. After you are done with the first draft, revisit your writing again after a while to see what areas can be pruned and polished. Even seasoned content writers will notice better writing if they conduct 1-2 rounds of editing post the first draft.


The target of strategic content writing is to turn visitors to your site into paying customers. It is not only about content; it is about high-quality content that can be provided by a company that has award-winning SEO services to boast of. If you feel that you do not have the time, talent or resources to write content for your business, it is perfectly okay. Hire the services of a digital agency in Melbourne and watch your website traffic and conversions increase as the days go by.

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