The positive effects of TV

by Carter Toni

In mid-2021, it was documented that within the UK, the average TV viewing time per day was around 3 hours and 42 minutes. The average full-time employee in the UK works approximately 37.5 hours per week, this accumulates to 7.5 hours per day, when you consider that almost 4 hours out with working hours can be spent watching the TV, it can seem very unhealthy. This is why there is so much speculation on the detrimental effects of watching TV, and why it is such a controversial topic worldwide. However, TV is not all bad. In fact, there are positive effects of TV, stay tuned as we discuss. 

Educational purposes

TV viewing offers several educational benefits, and although this is particularly more apparent in the younger age group, this statement can be applied to young adults and older age groups too. When watching shows or movies, you are always guaranteed to pick up additional facts and information through characters on screen. Even your favourite reality shows can provide you with an opportunity to gain extra knowledge, although that may be hard to believe! TV is simply a source of communication. Think of it this way, when you conversate with your friends or colleagues, you are bound to gain extra knowledge on a topic which is being discussed. Although it may not be top-notch, beneficial information, it is still information! The same applies to TV, you never know what you may be likely to learn on these devices!

With regards to the positive effects of TV on young children, it contributes massively towards their education and growth. Most children find it challenging to maintain a consistent focus in school, particularly as learning is writing-based. Watching the TV gives children the opportunity to learn through their favourite shows that incorporate skills such as numeracy, crafts, literature, science, and much more! Alongside this, the incorporation of interaction and communication with characters allows their skills to advance in this area too.

Free source of entertainment

It was recorded that at the end of January, just under 27 million households in the UK owned a TV, so the chances are that if you are reading this article, you already own a TV. Therefore, once your TV is purchased, your Freeview box should already be built-in, meaning that any TV that you watch through digital terrestrial TV is free of charge. Why would you not use this free source of entertainment to your advantage? With over 70 channels and 30 radio stations, Freeview offers such a wide variety of content at no extra charge. Catch your favourite channels such as E4, BBC1, STV, and ITV2 on Freeview today, just ensure that you have a working TV aerial! Visit  for TV aerial installation or repairs.

Benefits businesses for marketing purposes 

TV advertising is highly advantageous for many businesses worldwide. Although social media has become such a dominant way to advertise and market, many firms that advertise on these platforms cannot be trusted. Anyone can use social media as a form of marketing, as long as they have a business to market for, which can be challenging for consumers to tell how legitimate they are. With TV advertising, it tends to be reputable, large, and well-established companies who choose this as a form of marketing, as it is an expensive form of advertising due to its extensive scale and reaches. Therefore, consumers are given reassurance through TV marketing. Now, what would a firm be without its consumers? Customers drive sales for firms, and TV advertisements can fuel a potential consumer’s choice and decision to make a purchase. Without seeing an advertisement, they may not even know about that product or service! Therefore, by watching the TV, you are assisting businesses and assisting and fuelling the economy, although you may not even be aware of it.

Sparks communication and conversation 

Reverting to the idea of the detrimental effects, this next idea may cause some slight speculation as it could be counteracted and related to negative effects on social seclusion. However, we believe that one of the positive effects of TV is the fact that it sparks additional communication and conversation. When watching your favourite TV shows, you can always enjoy this in a group environment with friends allowing for further interaction before, during, and after the show. Alongside this, viewers can take to social media platforms to further discuss the show, allowing for interaction with many others across the globe. The negative idea of TV diminishing conversation and communication exists too, and that is an idea that we definitely cannot deny. This is usually caused by social exclusion from binge-watching TV, which can be extremely unhealthy for both the mind and body. When you limit binge-watching and use TV to conversate and create bonds, it can have an exceedingly beneficial effect.

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