The Richest Countries In The World In 2021

by Carter Toni

Interestingly, having a GDP per person well over $131,782, Luxembourg within the wealthiest country on the planet in 2021, the U . s . States places fifth having a GDP per person of $68,309.

GDP per person measures the economical creation of confirmed country adjusted because of its population size. The Uk is noticeably absent in the listing of top ten countries. Weighing just $46,344, the United kingdom ranks 23rd behind places like Israel (No. 21 $47,602) and Nz (No. 22 $47,499). Most of the world’s wealthiest countries are the world’s tiniest.

What are wealthiest countries on the planet, by nominal GDP per person?

The Wealthiest Countries on the planet In 2021

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