The smoothest riding horse-Paso Fino Horse Classifieds with trusted dealings

by Carter Toni

Introduction to the breed

Paso Fino is a latin word with the meaning “fine gait”. As the name shows the exact attribute of the horses of this breed, so these horses are considered the best riding horses with natural gait. Their Spanish ancestry can be perceived through their style, and proud attitude with elegant movements. This breed was developed in South America and the Caribbean via cross-mating the horses of Spanish stock that were featured with smooth natural gaits. Read on to learn for reliable Paso Fino Horse Classifieds.

Do you want to know about the history of Paso Fino Horses?

The Paso Fino is the most ancient local breed in the Western Hemisphere. Known to be sturdy and smooth-riding for extended periods of investigating, the Paso Fino’s predecessors were first carried to America with Christopher Columbus on his second journey from Spain. Paso Fino stallions were reproduced for nearly 500 years in Puerto Rico and Colombia before U.S. servicemen found them in the 1940’s and brought the Paso Fino to the U.S.

What are the characteristics of this breed?

  • These horses are 13 to 15.2 hands high.
  • They are 700 to 1000 pounds heavy,
  • Paso Fino horses come in almost every color.
  • They have straight legs with precise bones.
  • They have a unique natural gait.
  • Their hooves are so rugged and robust that they do not need shoes.
  • They are quite friendly and like human intimacy.

The gait of the Paso Fino is an amazing trail ride

A stallion’s gait is the way that it makes a move. At the point when you decide a stallion’s gait, you take a gander at various variables including speed, foot shape, and foot sequencing during the motion. This can change from the walk to the canter, yet what we are keen on while deciding a decent horse for trail riding is one that goes at a speed that is some place in the middle. The Paso’s distinctive foot movements makes the ride extremely smooth and there isn’t any bounce for the rider. Although, these horses are famous for being pleasant and gentle on the ground but having great stamina and energy when steered.

In the gait of Paso Fino, there are basically three paces to its gait. From slowest to quickest, there is the paso fino, paso corto, and paso largo. There is likewise another Paso walk called the Paso Llano and is different from the Peruvian Paso.

Where can you look for the fair and authentic Paso Fino Horse Classifieds?

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