The Ultimate Guide for why Choose a Skilled  Hire Agency

by James Martin

Put simply, the concept of skilled labour-hire is made up of an arrangement between three parties regarding labor – that is, between an employee, an employer, and a recruitment hire company. Typically acting as a third party, the recruitment consultant provides the employer and their business with any number of outsourced workers. These laborers can be employed on either a short-term or temporary contract as well as on a more permanent and long-term basis.

Typically referred to as on-hired employees, contractors, or temps, the skilled laborers provided by a recruitment agency remain employees of the agency themselves and not the employer – this is despite the fact that they will be working for the employers’ organization.

Reasons to consider employing a labour hire companies in Sydney for staffing requirements:


The hiring company has a wealth of experience in supplying temp workers with a wide range of skills to clients in a wide variety of industries. And these experienced approaches to recruitment don’t just assess each candidates’ qualifications, experiences, and licenses; scientifically-based assessments to understand each person’s work ethic, safety mindset, and fit with different company cultures are also used. The success rate of finding a person who fits not just the required skill set, but with the company culture, is much higher using a job-hire company than internal recruitment.


As a team, the main strive is to meet clients’ expectations by supplying them with the most suitable, reliable, and trained workers. The labour hire companies in Sydney understands that clients desire is to have a flexible, yet robust workforce that will be responsible for fulfilling the needs and demands of their business and industry.  hire companies to have access to the newest business tools, global research, and current statistics to assist company’s looking to fill staffing positions.

The labour-hire agency must uphold the ethical principles and industry standards that Australian corporations abide by – ensuring integrity in resourcing. Internal resourcing cannot always access the latest and best tools and research, particularly when the HR department is a tiny section of what the company does. So why risk outdated recruitment methods when a certified labour-hire agency can be used instead.


Hiring companies are customer focussed service by responding to your needs and understanding your job requirements. Once labour agency Sydney have placed a worker in your organization experienced recruitment consultants will maintain regular follow-ups with you. It’s hugely important for hiring recruiters to continually monitor workers’ progress to ensure that the clients are completely satisfied with the selection of workers.  hires companies to have one job – to find the best people to fill a company’s need, right when that business needs it most. Because their focus is solely on recruitment, labour-hire services have refined their recruitment methods over time and can weed out the poor performers from the start.


Hiring companies provide clients with workers who have all the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience to get the job done properly and on time. This included the time from when the job is advertised to the new employee’s first day on the job but doesn’t even take into account time spent for new employees completing site training, inductions, and upskilling. Using a labour-hire company, staff can be placed as quickly as 24 hours. And to top it off, the labour-hire agency will take care of the payroll, staff benefits, taxes, and other time-consuming but necessary legal and financial activities.


According to new research discussed in the industry-leading online magazine the Human Resources Director, it typically high costs to hire a new staff member. And if that employee is a manager or executive, that cost skyrockets. Add to this cost of the loss of productivity of having no one fulfilling that role for 68 days, and the training and upskilling new staff costs. Using economies of scale, labour-hire and even seasonal and permanent roles can be filled by labour agency Sydney companies at a fraction of the cost.

Labour hiring companies specialize in finding the best temporary and permanent employees, with the right skills, for your business. Labour hire companies to bring off employee screening on behalf of their clients to make sure both the clients and the candidates get what they are considering, hence it’s a win-win situation for all an employee, an employer, and a recruitment hire company.

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