TheWiSpy Review: Best Mobile Phone Tracker so Far

by Carter Toni

Best Mobile Phone Tracker so Far

Almost 70% of the teens are active mobile users. Undoubtedly, telecommunications have significant effects on human life, but it has negative impacts also. For example, the internet plays an essential role in the lives of children; using mobile phones is more common among them instead of healthy activities.

Spy apps are undetectable mobile phone trackers that operate in complete secrecy mode. The demand for spy apps has increased by the rapid rise in the usage of mobiles.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the best mobile phone tracker so far – TheWiSpy. We will reveal its salient features, price plans, and compatibility in detail

TheWiSpy – Mobile Phone Tracker:

TheWiSpy is an effective tool that provides advanced features to its users. The application allows you to view the digital actions of your target device. Mobile tracker has made it easier for parents to keep a keen eye on their kids; employers can use it to track the activities of their employees during working hours. In addition, tracking workers can ensure the security of their business. As a result, the demand for cell phone tracker app is overgrowing. TheWiSpy reflects everything occurring while operating in the background. Hence, nobody can detect it on the target device.

We have a thousand reasons to use an Android mobile tracker. But, first, parents would love to provide a complete and peaceful environment for their teens and kids. Second, employers would wish to track their employees during working hours to enhance their business productivity.

So, before purchasing a cell phone spy app, you must consider what features it offers? Does it have a user-friendly interface? How much did it cost? Is it reasonable? Does it assure your requirements?

Yes! TheWiSpy has all these amazing qualities you’re looking for. Let’s discuss some of them here:

TheWiSpy – Qualities:

  • User-friendly App:

TheWiSpy is designed for people of all classes. It offers user-friendly networking.

And all its features function by simple clicks.

  • Reasonable Price Plans:

Finding a perfect cell phone spy app is not easy. But TheWiSpy falls beneath your resources. TWS price plans are adjustable for time and finance; accept a plan that fills your requirements and start tracking now.

  • Simple Installation:

If you’re unsure about how advanced technology works, you can have TheWiSpy. It has a simple installing process; follow the easy installation steps and spy on your target device.

  • Get your Required Features:

TWS is an app that helps you enjoy every standard and modern quality feature. For example, you can spy on your child and track your workers using the same app.

  • High-end Functionality and Support:

TheWiSpy – cell phone spy app, once installed on the target device, carries and updates the data every 24 hours to the control panel. You can log in your account from both a smart device or desktop browser.

The support system of TWS is available 24/7. So you can contact any time without any uncertainty.

TheWiSpy – Pricing:

TheWiSpy is an outstanding and affordable cell phone spy app. With various adjustable bundles, the app assures a high-quality phone spying experience at reasonable pricing.

Generally,TheWiSpy awards three pricing bundles known as:

  1. TheWiSpy Basic Plan.
  2. TheWiSpy Premium Plan.
  3. TheWiSpy Platinum Plan.

Each plan proposes three different subscription bundles to ensure effective tracking. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. TheWiSpy Basic Pricing Plan:

As the title shows, this package offers basic tracking features if you only want general mobile spying features. Details of this bundle are:

  • 1-month license = $29.99
  • 3-months license= $49.99
  • 6-months license = $89.99
  1. TheWiSpy Premium Pricing Plan:

TheWiSpy Premium package has some additional features than the basic bundle. If you have a long-term plan of spying on someone, then the premium package is a more suitable option for you. It has all the advanced and profound features. Here are the details of the premium pricing plan:

  • 1-month license = $39.99
  • 3-months license = $69.99
  • 6-months license = $99.99
  1. TheWiSpy Platinum Pricing Plan:

TheWiSpy Platinum pricing plan permits you to endure the latest and advanced features within a reasonable price range. It has long-term benefits and all the modern features are available in this bundle. Full details of this bundle are:

  • 1-month license = $49.99
  • 3-months license =$79.99
  • 6-months license= $79.99

TheWiSpy – Softwares:

TheWiSpy offers four valuable software for spying on your kids, employees or partners. These are:

  1. Android Spying Software.
  2. Tracking Kids Software.
  3. Smart Device Tracking Software.
  4. Employee Monitoring Software

TheWiSpy – Installation:

TheWiSpy phone tracker app is simple to install and use. Follow these steps :
1.    Purchase your TheWiSpy access.
2.    Open Installation link via email.
3.    Add personal account details.
4.    Set up process.
5.    Install TheWiSpy in your target device.
6.    Open your account from any browser.
7.    Add shared credentials.
8.    Start tracking your end device via an online dashboard

TheWiSpy – Salient Features:

  • Location Tracker:

TWS allows you to trace the location of your kids, employees, or spouses in 2 feasible ways:

1. Geo-Fencing:

Geofencing enables you to mark the danger or secured areas on the map of your kid or employee’s device. Then, whenever they visit those regions, you will get an alert on your control board.

2. Trace GPS location:

Through the GPS location tracker, you can track the current locations of the target user. In addition, you can inspect the location history of all the places they have toured.

  • Spy Text Messages:

Texting is widespread among people; your kids, spouse, or workers may drain their time chatting with friends or peers. You can trace them through the TWS mobile tracker app.

  • Spy Call recorder:

You can spy call recorder through remote microphone access. In addition, the end-user can track the caller’s details. i.e., name, number, etc. You can spy on Company-owned devices to check your data and can restrict or block offensive users or numbers.

  • Email Tracker:

TheWiSpy, a phone tracker app, permits you to view the emails of your target device from an online control panel. Further, you can spy on email history and find the records sent and received mails.

  • Spy Multimedia Folders:

TWS allows you to track, watch and control the multimedia folders of the target user, e.g., if you find out that your child or employee is hiding something from you, you must show your concern and track their gallery through the dashboard.

  • Track Browser:

Browsing history has all the interests of your target users. So, TWS lets you track regularly visited websites. Furthermore, a cell phone spy app for Android will aid you in controlling the web browser sheets, history, or stored cookies, if any.

  • Spy Camera:

You can take photos and record short clips of the surroundings through TWS’s spy camera. This feature allows you to find all the photographs and video clips of the target device.

  • Spy on Installed Apps:

TheWiSpy is best for tracking Android phones in stealth mode; it supports you in tracking the online activities of the target device. For example, by logging into the target device simply, you can view all apps’ chat history, contact details, and news feeds. In addition, you can add conditions to particular apps or block them, so the target user can’t re-access them.

  • Social Media Tracking:

TWS spy on all social apps and provides you complete access to all the activities of these apps. For example, you can observe chats history, newsfeeds and spy on all calls made by social apps. In addition, it traces the account and activity reports of all social media platforms.

  • Access Current Screen:

If you doubt that your child is viewing something illicit, you can track them through the TWS phone tracker app by spying on the current screen of the target device. Furthermore, you can capture screenshots of the current digital actions.

  • Access Microphone:

You can access the microphone of the target users that permits you to hear the background and enclosed surroundings.

  • Track Activity Reports:

By using TheWiSpy, you can access the activity logs and their histories on your control panel. As a result, you can restrict or block extra apps from target devices that consume their time freely.

Other Amazing Features:

  1. Track calendar reminders.
  2. Keylogger
  3. Spy Call recorder through microphone.
  4. 24/7 immediate alerts.
  5. Remote video recording.
  6. Track notes.
  7. Remote access to the target phone
  8. And many more 
TheWiSpy – Compatibility:

TheWiSpy is profoundly adaptable with Android phones. You can download it on any cell phone with 4.0 versions and following. However, you need one-time physical access to install the application on the targeted device, like remote installation is not available yet.

Final Thoughts:

We all have acknowledged the importance of spy apps in our daily lives. By reading this detailed description of the top-ranked Mobile tracker–  TheWiSpy. Here we conclude the article by saying: ‘The modern features, high functionality and compatibility, and great price plans of TheWiSpy have made it the best phone tracker app so far.

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