Tomeev Reviews Features determining Is Tomeev Legit:

by Glenn Maxwell

You will find exclusive information regarding’s hands tools and gardening products below Tomev Reviews.

Can you love DIY projects? Are you currently presently a cutting-edge individual that spends your weekends creating a new challenge? Do you want to purchase tools online within the united states . States Perhaps you have encounter

Did you know some have stolen the data in the “About Us” section, including ownboard.internet and The privacy policy’s content articles are also copied from multiple websites. For more information, please see the Tomev Reviews.

Brief:, a young site that sells gardening tools as well as other hands tools online, is a great one of the e-commerce site. The website’s mission statement enables you to reference any products or services. may well be a scam due to its low Trust, Alexa, and Business ranking. Let’s discuss below. attempts to combine ecommerce with imports/exports making it simple to ship high-quality tools worldwide. Furthermore, it focuses on customer care and quick processing to provide acceptable service. sells:

  • You’ll find 15 types of gardening tools.
  • You’ll find 25 types of hands tools
  • You’ll find four types of luggage bags.
  • Six types of electric or foldable two-wheelers
  • Features working out Is Tomeev Legit:
  • Garden and Hands Tools for sale at:
  • Social media links:unspecified on Tomeev.
  • Budget Range: Between $8.00 and $90.05. Does not offer impractical discounts.

Bulk Buying Options:unspecified at Tomeev

Home address:Supic Company Limited 85 Tottenham Court Road 85 Tottenham Court Road Manchester-W1T4TQ. This is often a genuine address since the organization accepts mail orders.

  • Testimonials, blogs andonly Comments derive from Tomeev.
  • Terms & Conditions: clearly described on Tomeev.
  • Privacy: Present, but plagiarized from Tomeev.
  • Phone details (or) Whatsapp details:unspecified by Tomeev.
  • Store locatorTomeev didn’t have a very store locator
  • Tomev reviews at Help and FAQ: not specified on Tomev.
  • Delivery Policy: Tomeev ships orders via DHL or EMS in 3-10 days.
  • Shipping Policy Tomeev takes 1.5-72 hours for shipping
  • Cancellation PolicyTomeev enables cancellations before orders are shipped.
  • TrackingTomeev email the tracking number to get tracked at In addition, you can examine the status at

Return PolicyTomeev accepts returns inside their original condition within 14 days

Restocking Fee:unspecified at Tomev.

Policy on Refunds: Tomev is going to be delivering an entire refund for the initial payment method in the event you accept returns. The refund deadline is not specified.

Tomev Reviews Email address contact This is not a business account.

Payment Method:via Visa and MasterCard, MasroCards, American stock market and Uncover, UnionPay and DinnersClub in USD and GBP.

Newsletters: According to Tomeev.


  • Tomeev offers totally free for orders over $30
  • Tomeev provided detailed product specifications, images and videos.
  • Tomeev offers comprehensive payment options in worldwide currencies


  • Poor UI design by Tomeev that did not permit sorting or filtering
  • Problematic logic, inventory control and Tomev’s flaws allow users to purchase unlimited quantities of the item
  • Tomeev denies PayPal’s payment mode within the checkout

Is Tomeev Legit ?

  • Tomev Creation 26 June 2022, 5:53:27
  • Tomeev age: twenty-days old.
  • Tomeev Last update on: 26th Juni 2022 at 5:53.27
  • Tomev Expiry at 26 June 2023, 5:53:27
  • Tomev existence expectancy isdomain expires in 11 several days and 10 jours.
  • Trust Index Tomev posseses an awful 1% trust score.
  • Business RankingTomeev posseses an awful 1.7% business rank.
  • Origin:Tomeev will be a registered agent in China, a country wealthy in risk.
  • Status Blacklisting: Tomev is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Statusits IP contains an SSL certificate that’s valid for an additional 64 days.
  • Suspicious Websites Closeness: 25%.
  • Threat Profile80%
  • Phishing Score40%
  • Malware and spy ware Score80%
  • Tomev Reviews Junk e-mail Score:20%
  • Hr person at Tomeev:unspecified
  • Security:Tomeev uses a dynamic HTTPS connection.
  • Social relations: Toomev pages weren’t present on social media.
  • Contact and Identity in the Owner:Redacted Privacy services can hide the identity or contact of Tomev’s proprietors.

Customers Reviews:

It is possible that can be a Scam. You’ll find six reviews then one YouTube review. features a Zero Alexa Ranking. Now, Bank Card Diddles Tomeev accepts bank card payments.

There has been no user ratings or reviews on social media, customer review sites, as well as the internet. reviews continue being to get rated.


Tomev Reviews determined that will be a Scam. scores poorly on Trust Index, Business, Alexa Ranking, and Malware and spy ware. was filled with Malware and spy ware, Phishing and Threat profiles. They’re dangerous for user data and security. There has been no testimonials about’s delivery. There has been no user ratings or reviews. To avoid scams, View PayPal Diddles

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