Tommy Dorfman Before And After: Know Who is Tommy Dorfman?

by Moore Martin

Tommy Dorfman Before And After

Tommy Dorfman’s transformative journey unfolds before and after her courageous revelation as a transgender woman, showcasing resilience and authenticity in embracing her true self.


In 2021, the talented actor Tommy Dorfman courageously shared her transformative journey of self-discovery, revealing her identity as a transgender woman. Before this public announcement, she grappled with internal struggles, further complicated by her involvement in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

Embracing Identity

Tommy expressed a desire to have embraced her true identity sooner if not for the commitments tied to her role. The decision to undergo transition brought about significant physical and emotional changes.

A Second Puberty

Tommy likened the experience of taking hormones to a “second puberty,” symbolizing a transformative phase in her life. Despite the inherent challenges, she embraced this journey as an opportunity for personal growth and a means to infuse authenticity into her work.

A Promising Future

Tommy’s onscreen presence is on the brink of a notable transformation. She expressed excitement about an upcoming role in Lena Dunham’s movie “Sharp Stick,” where she portrays a character who is simply a woman, devoid of specific trans woman traits.

Diverse Roles

This represents a new and promising chapter in her career, with additional projects on the horizon. Looking forward, Tommy is eager to portray a diverse range of women onscreen.

Embracing the Name

Despite her transition, she chose to maintain her given name, Tommy, a choice rooted in sentimental value associated with her late uncle. Her coming out is not a retreat but rather a reintroduction, embracing the identity of a trans woman and using she/her pronouns.

Who is Tommy Dorfman?

Tommy Dorfman, born on May 13, 1992, is a well-known American actress recognized for her role as Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, she comes from a Jewish background and completed her studies at Fordham University with a B.A. in theatre arts in 2015.

Rising Star

Tommy’s journey in the spotlight began after university when she secured the role of Ryan Shaver in the widely-watched Netflix drama. Beyond acting, she showcased her creativity by collaborating with ASOS for a fashion collection and received the Rising Star Award from GLAAD.

Personal Journey

Tommy’s personal life has been an open book, marked by significant moments of self-discovery and identity. Notably, she is queer and was engaged to Peter Zurkuhlen in 2015, with the couple marrying in 2016.

Identity Evolution

However, in 2021, Dorfman revealed a divorce from Zurkuhlen, emphasizing their enduring friendship. A pivotal moment in her identity journey occurred in 2017 when she came out as non-binary, later embracing the identity of a transgender woman in 2021.

Retaining the Name

Despite this, she chose to retain her birth name, Tommy, in honor of her late uncle. This multifaceted journey includes her New York theatrical debut and a 2022 identification as a lesbian, highlighting Tommy Dorfman’s evolving and authentic self.

Tommy Dorfman Before And After – FAQs

1. What prompted Tommy Dorfman’s decision to come out as a transgender woman?

Tommy Dorfman revealed that she felt a deep connection to her true identity and had been privately identifying and living as a woman for almost a year before her public announcement in 2021.

2. How did Tommy Dorfman describe the experience of taking hormones during her transition?

Tommy referred to taking hormones as a “second puberty,” describing the physical and emotional changes as a transformative phase in her life.

3. How has Tommy Dorfman’s onscreen presence evolved after her public revelation?

Tommy shared her excitement about playing a role as “just a woman” in Lena Dunham’s movie “Sharp Stick,” marking a new chapter in her career after her transition.

4. Why did Tommy Dorfman choose to retain her birth name after coming out as a transgender woman?

Tommy explained that she feels deeply connected to her name, which honors her late uncle, and sees it as an evolution of herself as she embraces her true identity.

5. How has Tommy Dorfman’s personal life changed since coming out as a transgender woman?

Tommy revealed her divorce from Peter Zurkuhlen in 2021 but emphasized that they remain friends, showcasing the complexities of her personal journey.

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