Top 10 Movies To Add To Your Watch List While Remote Working

by Carter Toni

Thousands of individuals are stuck at remote working due to the international attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic. As a result, people are discouraged from gathering in public areas or hanging out in big groups.

That means now is the ideal time to unwind and catch up on all of those excellent TV episodes and movies you’ve wanted to watch for a long time but didn’t have the time.

However, if you’re looking for anything to watch or have already finished your backlog, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for films. You can watch these movies on instead of scrolling up and down your social media feed for hours.

Top 10 Movies To Watch While Working From Home

Before we dive into the list of the top 10 movies you can watch while working from home, let us tell you that not all these movies are recent releases.

So, there may be some movies that you have already watched, but if you find them on this list, watch them once again because they will refresh your dampened spirit of being stuck at home.

1: Frozen 2

Frozen 2 was released in 2019, and it was the same year we got stuck at our homes forever. The storyline shows Queen Elsa can’t sleep at night because a melodic voice that only she can hear keeps her awake. Unable to ignore the siren’s voice, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven embark on an unknown adventure.

But, unprecedented imbalances start hampering not just their realm, Arendelle, but also the neighboring tribe of Northuldra. Can Queen Elsa utilize her famous magical abilities to bring peace and stability to the kingdom? Watch the movie to know more.

2: Parasite

The parasite is the 2019 Oscar-winning Korean drama that involves two families belonging to two different social classes. There is one low-income family of Chung-sook and Ki-taek, along with their adult son Ki-woo and daughter Ki-jun, and there are The Parks, who are quite wealthy.

The Kims take jobs in the household of the Parks deceptively and cling like parasites on them. So now, you have to watch how long they can maintain their pretense and how will the Parks get rid of the parasites.

3: Unfriended

Since you are stuck staring at your Zoom screens now, we thought what could be better if a movie could show how a usual Skype call with Friends took an unfortunate turn and changed people’s lives.

Six high-school friends chat at night over a Skype video call when they see their late friend; Laura Burns is also present at the video call. The friends think of it as a troll first, but soon they learn something supernatural is happening. Sounds interesting? Give it a shot this year.

4: To All The Boys: Always and Forever

This 2021 release is the third movie in the trilogy of ‘to all the boys,’ but the romance of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky meet new challenges in this movie. So for those of you who shipped this duo since the first movie, make sure you watch the end of this series as well.

The movie shows how Lara and Peter decide which college to choose as their future call them. But, the dilemma starts when both of them can’t get into the same college and must leave one another. Will their love survive this test, or will they part ways for good? Watch the movie and find out.

5: Contagion

Although the movie was released in 2011, it has alarming similarities with our current societal condition. The film follows the efforts of medical experts and health authorities throughout the world to contain an outbreak of a fatal virus spread by respiratory droplets.

It offers a realistic look at how the world we live in might react to a pandemic, strangely matching what is going on in the globe right now. The film also has brilliant actors, so make sure you watch this movie now.

6: After We Fell

Again, we recommend the final part of a trilogy, which started with the first movie, ‘After.’ The brewing romance between Tessa and Hardin comes to life in this one, and the Hessa shippers can’t get enough of them.

The steamy romantic scenes between the duo may make you miss your partner since you are forced to distance yourself from them in the pandemic, but you can always get some erotic imagination from this movie to survive your days.

7: Pursuit of Happyness

You may have already watched the movie because it’s a Will Smith classic, but we suggest you watch it once again as it will restore your faith in humanity. The plot shows the struggling life of a salesman who aspires to make it big in America to keep his son with him.

Witness the magical journey of Chris Gardner from a struggling salesman to a wealthy stockbroker. The movie tells us that with perseverance, and hard work, anyone can rewrite their stories, so watch it right now if you need a ray of hope in your life.

8: Bird Box

This 2018 post-apocalyptic horror movie will resonate well with our remote working vibe. It shows five years after, an ominous presence drives most members of a society to commit suicide while a survivor with two children tries desperately to reach safety.

Will they emerge victorious in this impossible quest, or will they also fall victim to the cruel traps of destiny? This movie is a must-watch, so you can start your work from home bing watching this classic.

9: Alive

Alive is a zombie-thriller, released in the middle of 2020, reflecting the post-pandemic world pretty well. It shows Jun-u, the lead character, being stuck in his online gaming world as there is nothing much to do outside after the pandemic.

But, all hell breaks loose when a mysterious virus turns his neighbors into flesh-eating monsters, and he must escape the building to reach a safe haven. Will he die on this journey, or will Yu-bin (another survivor) help him reach safety? Watch the movie now to find out.

10: A Quiet Place: Part II

If you have watched the first part of this movie, you must know that the Abbott family tries to survive in silence because they die as soon as they make a sound. But, this part takes the plot one step ahead.

The family soon learns that the creatures hunting them with sound are not the only threat they have, but there is something more. Have we intrigued you enough? Make sure you add this movie to your watchlist right now.


We have compiled a good list of movies to watch this year as you are stuck working from home. So take some time out of your monotonous schedule, and watch these because it will help you get your groove back with life.

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