Top 10 Sikku Kolam Designs To Try In 2021

by Carter Toni

Sikku kolams are very popular types of kolam. These kolams, typically referred to as rangolis with dots, are extremely diverse within their format. Sikku kolam is another type of Rangoli that is dependant on the us dot grid technique. However, this method depicts curved lines joining or circling the dots around the kolam grid. The primary feature of sikku kolam designs would be that the viewer cannot determine the foundation and also the finish reason for the kolam design. It seems as though the pattern continues within an infinity loop pattern. Thus, it is extremely a hard type of kolam. The designs are often done using powdered grain or colored powder, while using hands. The grid of dots plays a significant part in creating this symmetrical Rangoli design.

Ideas present some Sikku kolam designs or Rangolis with dots that you should try in 2021.

1. Sikku kolams are very complex anyway, and want trained hands to become done perfectly. If you prefer a simple design to complete initially, this is a quite simple sikku kolam that’s gemstone-formed. The us dot grid is gemstone fit and curved lines happen to be accustomed to create this beautiful sikku kolam design. The infinity loop pattern is viewed because it can’t be understood in which the pattern has began or ended.

2. This is a type of form of Rangoli. It’s quite different in the generally used gemstone shape nonetheless, it’s equally beautiful. The corners have two dots which progressively increase to 16 in number in the centre. Here too, the pattern is very easy and by no means crowded. The infinity loop pattern is apparent here.

3. Here too, the pattern from the dots is extending from two dots on top to eight dots in the centre. The look is straightforward with a significant modern touch into it. This design is small , simple for beginners to test.

4. Here a 4×4 kolam grid continues to be attracted within the center and also the same pattern continues to be repeated on four sides to accomplish this design. The 4×4 design ended on all of the sides from the Rangoli and also the butterfly design was attracted using simple curved lines. This design is simple for novices plus they could make big kolam designs with similar pattern.

5. This Rangoli pattern resembles a ‘Chakra’ or even the sun. The look is very unique and various from regular sikku kolams. The pattern is dependant on the us dot grid with eight sides and meets in the center. The look is very complicated having a complex us dot grid.

6. This design is dependant on an easy us dot grid with 1-11 dots that are gemstone-formed. The grid is decorated with symmetrical curved lines which join to produce this design. The grid here uses dots that are lined up i.e. straight dots, which makes it simple to create and employ.

7. This kolam design utilizes a 1-13 gemstone-formed us dot grid with rows getting odd numbered dots. The infinity loop pattern produced, in line with the us dot grid looks beautiful with curved lines.

8. This design utilizes a gemstone-formed 10-4 us dot grid. The look this is a Neer Pulli design, and uses simple curved designs to produce the result. The ends illustrate floral motifs that are full of color.

9. This colorful Sikku kolam uses curved lines of various colors together to produce a beautiful design. This design is very big along with a great replacement for the typical, dull one-colored kolam. Eco-friendly, blue and red-colored curved line is used for enter rather from the usual white-colored-colored lines.

10. This design is very big in dimensions and with different grid of just one-13 dots. The dots aren’t parallel and therefore are carelessly numbered. The look here’s quite unique and new. But, the pattern is simple and could be made by beginners too.

Hope these Sikku kolam designs are handy for that festive season and you may draw inspiration from their store. Do incorperate your favorite ones towards the list.

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