Top 5 Packaging Companies For Goods Manufacturers in 2021

by James Martin


It is the era of online shopping and e-commerce. The demand for online goods is increasing day by day worldwide. International. Goods manufacturers are looking for reliable packaging companies for their products’ wrapping. Further, eco-friendly custom packaging boxes are in high demand nowadays because buyers prefer them due to their vast environmental benefits. Consequently, top-notch packaging companies create custom packaging boxes with attractive design templates and perfect finishing for brands.

Due to the deadly pandemic – COVID-19, the demand for custom box packaging has become higher than before. So here we are mentioning brief details of the top five packaging companies that provide high-quality packaging services to goods manufacturers:

Prominent Packaging Companies In 2021

  1. International Paper Company
  2. Get Cosmetic Boxes
  3. Premium Custom Boxes
  4. CBD Box Lab
  5. Amcor

International Paper Company

International Paper Company had $22.37 billion in revenue in 2019, which is approximately 4.00% less than the revenue in 2018. It is the most prominent and biggest packaging firm in the world.

The headquarters of International Paper Company is in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. This firm has approximately 56,000 workers. IPC operates three business sections – Global Cellulose Fibers, Industrial Packaging, and Printing Papers. The Industrial Packaging sector accounts for the majority of the sales ($15.23 billion – 69%); after this Printing Papers section comes with $4.29 billion, 19% sales while Global Cellulose Fibers sales record is $2.55 billion, 12%.

According to the regional geography, the North American region contributes 87 percent of the revenue of Industrial Packaging and 94 percent of the Global Cellulose Fibers revenue.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Global Cellulose Fibers section’s revenue increased from April 2020 to June 2020. As a result, IPC got many corrugated packaging boxes and pulp orders from goods manufacturers.

This multinational packaging company produces recyclable packages and sustainable cellulose fiber products. It has packages making sites in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Russia, and North Africa.

Get Cosmetic Boxes – GCB

GetCosmeticBoxes is a renowned packaging company based in New York, United States. This packaging firm provides cosmetic boxes to cosmetic brands. Its business niche is the makeup industry. They also have expert and experienced packaging boxes designers and state-of-the-art packaging boxes printing.

GCB offers customizable packaging boxes, and brand owners can print and design their cosmetic boxes according to their needs. In addition, brands can easily choose custom packaging by styles and packaging material. They offer free designs on packages, though they charge a reasonable fee on custom designs.

They produce high-quality eco-friendly and biodegradable cosmetic packaging boxes for brands like Cardboard sheets, E-flute corrugated, cardstock paper, Kraft, and Bux Board. GCB doesn’t charge any fees for shipping in the USA, and their minimum order limit is 100 boxes. GetCosmeticBoxes cosmetic boxes are the best packaging solution for cosmetic brands. They have six days turnaround time for their clients.

Brands can get sleek packaging boxes finishing in matte, gloss, and foiling at GCB.

Premium Custom Boxes – PCB

PremiumCustomBoxes is a premium packaging manufacturing company that creates customizable boxes for product packaging. This company is located in New Jersey, USA.

This packaging firm is an expert in cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, window, and die-cut boxes making. PCB has a custom design facility for packages that designs the packages according to their clients’ requirements. Clients can choose packaging designs and styles according to their industry and product specifications on their own. By the way, PCB caters to these industries:

  • Cosmetics
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverage
  • Information Technology
  • Toiletries
  • Entertainment
  • Candle
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Gifts
  • Cereals
  • Cannabis

Some packaging styles that Premium Custom Boxes offers: 

  • Display Boxes
  • Folding Boxes
  • Storage Boxes
  • Window cut Boxes
  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Gable Boxes
  • 3D shape Boxes
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Business card Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Lid Boxes
  • Hexagon Boxes
  • Bookend Boxes
  • Tuck end Boxes
  • Briefcase Boxes

They also provide alluring presentation folders, tags, business cards, and stickers to their clients. In addition, manufacturers can get wholesale custom printed packaging boxes with customizable finishing and coating on the boxes from Premium Custom Boxes. PCB makes eco-friendly packaging boxes for their clients to make their brand and their products authentic. They offer free-of-cost delivery all over the US.

CBD Box Lab

CBDBoxLab is a cannabis-oriented packaging company in New York, USA. This packaging company manufactures custom CBD boxes for cannabis and tobacco brands. Its business niche is the tobacco and cannabidiol industry. They have experienced and expert packaging designers who create outstanding custom printed CBD packaging boxes for their clients.

CBD Box Lab offers custom boxes for CBD products. Clients can get custom printing of CBD boxes according to product specifications. Further, tobacco companies can choose the suitable packaging styles available on their website. This packaging firm offers eco-friendly and nature-friendly packaging materials like cardboard, cardstock paper, Kraft, Bux Board, etc. Manufacturing gets perfect CBD packaging boxes finishing in gloss, matte, plus foiling from CBDBoxLab.

CBD Box Lab delivers packages free of cost all over the United States. In addition, their minimum packaging order is just one hundred boxes.


Amcor is a reputable packaging company, and its headquarter is in Zurich, Switzerland. It creates flexible packaging boxes such as rigid boxes, specialty cartons, boxes for food and beverage, pharma, medical devices, home, personal care, etc.

The free cash flow of Amcor in the fiscal year of 2021 is expected to be nearly 1.1 Billion US Dollars. The company purchased Bemis (a flexible packaging products manufacturing firm) in 2018. In addition, Amcor purchased Marfred Industries in the same year. As a result, it has become the largest independent packaging producer and distributor firm in the US.

This packaging company has 22 sites in 40 countries and has more than 4600 employees.

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