Top 5 VPN Services for Gaming & Streaming in 2021

by Carter Toni

VPN or “Virtual Private Network” is used to protect the network connection when anyone uses public networks. Third parties cannot steal or encrypt your data while using VPNs. The VPNs can secure the user’s IP address by letting the connection redirect it through an exceptionally structured outlying server operated by a VPN host. It suggests that if you work or search anything online with a VPN, the VPN server becomes the source of your data. Other third parties like the internet service providers (ISP) cannot see which websites you visit or what data you send and receive online. The VPNs work like a filter that transforms all of your data into “gibberish”.

The increasing number of streamers and gamers is increasing the risk of data stealing and hacking. So nowadays security is the main concern among every online user. But unfortunately, many users do not really think about VPNs. Not only cyber security, but it also offers many benefits which will help the streamers to perform a smooth streaming session. Contact rubyvpn to know your options.

For a good VPN service, you need to pay some money. A paid VPN is better than a free version in terms of security. And it is important to get a paid VPN server as it comes with maximum trust and liability. We have gathered the top 5 VPN services which are paid and come with many benefits along with security.

1. ExpressVPN

If you want a lagging-free experience, then ExpressVPN is the best out of 5. Although it is one of the most expensive servers on our list, comes with a speedy, solid, and secure connection. Express VPN Online is available in 94 countries. It is good for those who want to stream with their foreign friend or travel a lot. It allows 5 simultaneous devices at a time with a speedy connection.

What does ExpressVPN offer

Servers: 3000+ in 94 countries

Simultaneous Connection: 5

Services unblocked: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, BBCiPlayer.

Platform supported:  Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Linux, Chromebook, Apple TV, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire.

Deals of ExpressVPN

$8.99 per month- 1-year plan

$12.99 per month- 1-month plan

2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the number one VPN service covering 59 countries. The download and upload speed are very smooth with decent ping performance. It allows 6 simultaneous connecting devices with superb consistent speed. PUBG lovers use NordVPN because they can use PUBG Lite in the countries where it is banned. Nord VPN follows the AES-256-CBC protocol which is the best forward security.

What does NordVPN offer

Servers: 5400+

Simultaneous connection: 6

Platform supported: Windows, Mac,  iOS, Android TV, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Xbox & PlayStation (SmartPlay Smart DNS), Chrome, Firefox.

Country of Restrictions: Panama

Deals of Nord VPN

$3.71 per month- 2-year plan

$4.92 per month- 1-year plan

$11.95 per month- 1-month

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the affordable VPN service provider with high security on our list. The main key features are easy to use, great performance, good for streaming, server locations 80 countries with 1800+ servers. This service also offers native apps for Android and iOS, both being very similar in performance and ease.

That should be great for many people, although those trying to find more configure should note that they can only use Hotspot with their own apps and clients.

What does Hotspot Shield offer

Servers: 1800+

Simultaneous connection: 5

Platform supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android.

Deals of Hotspot Shield

$2.49 per month- 3-years plan

$7.99 per month – 1 -year plan

$9.99 per month- 1-month plan


In terms of security and service, CyberGhost is one of the best VPN services for gaming. A media streamer can get the benefit from foreign libraries cause CyberGhost has the ability to bypass the geo-restriction. Thus you can access the different regions of your console stores. It is also a speedy server with affordable prices. It unblocks Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video. CyberGhost gives users a lag-free experience in 90 countries.

What does CyberGhost offer

Servers: 6500+

Simultaneous connection: 7

Platform supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox.

Country of Restrictions: Romania

Deals of CyberGhost

$2.25 per month- 3-year plan

$3.99 per month- 1-year plan

$12.99 per month- 1-month plan


Without sacrificing the premium quality security, speed, and good performance, you can buy Surfshark VPN at a very affordable price. The new gamers who are still understanding the servers and VPNs can use this VPN service. The main features are easy to use, unlimited device connections, a friendly interface, an extra layer of security service.

What Surfshark offer

Servers: 3200+

Simultaneous connection: Unlimited

Platform supported: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Apple TV, other TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chrome & Firefox.

Country of Restrictions: British Virgin Islands

Deals of Surfshark

$2.49 per month- 2-year plan

$6.49 per month- 6-month plan

$12.95 per month- 1-month plan

Final words

There is numerous number of VPN server are available. Everyone has some unique and specific characters. You can buy them as per your choices. We have summarized the top 5 VPNs for gamers and streamers. The VPN server has no free trial but they offer a money-back guarantee. So it is also a good way for personal experience and choose the right VPN for your server.

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