Top 6 Packaging Predictions For 2022

by James Martin

Packaging plays a huge role in the success or failure of a product. It can make or break people’s first impressions because it provides a sense of security and stability about the product. So, if you want your future business plans to be successful, you should pay attention to the development of the packaging field.

How will Customer needs Change by 2022?

With every passing day, the world is advancing at a faster rate. Technological advancements are progressing rapidly. Over the next five years, many business industries will be revolutionized by tech innovations like AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, IoT (Internet of Things), and 3D printing; this, in turn, will change people’s needs and requirements toward products or services that they regularly buy to meet their daily needs.

There is no denying the fact that packaging plays a significant role when it comes to customer satisfaction. If your product packaging is not attractive enough, then there are chances that your customers might abandon your product midway through buying it out of pure disappointment. Plus, if you want your product to stand apart in the marketplace like Amazon, what better option than having relatable and beautiful packaging? People have the freedom to look through compare the offerings of different competitors.

In 2022, customer needs will no longer be restricted to the physical and chemical properties of a product. They would look out for health and wellness benefits associated with it as well. For example, if you are selling an organic food item, then your packaging should not only highlight the nutritional value of that organic food item but also how buying that product will help in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Plus, you should always ask your marketing team (if available) to create a brand story around the packaging of your product because people love stories, especially ones that inspire or motivate them. Nowadays, most buyers go through Amazon’s “Visual Search” option before purchasing anything online because they can get a better idea about the product from the images. So, to make your product more visible on marketplaces like Amazon, you need to focus on high-quality images and videos that represent your product in the best possible light.

How Will Technology Influence Packaging by 2022?

Technology has already set its foot in the packaging field. From the outside, it may not be evident how technological advancements in packaging can benefit you, but there is no denying that it will play a crucial role in marketing your product effectively with minimal effort.

For example, if you are selling meat or dairy products, you need to ensure that they remain fresh for days after buying them out of the cold storage unit. Nowadays, companies like Amazon use IoT (Internet of Things) devices like Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), smart labels, and sensors to keep track of their inventory in cold storages units. Plus, if someone reorders an item frequently through Amazon Prime membership, Amazon automatically places an order for that item with the supplier. So instead of going through the hassle of placing an order, Amazon customers can now go ahead and make a purchase with a simple click on their Amazon app.

In 2022, more companies will shift from traditional paper boxes to smart packaging as they understand its functionalities better. With the help of new technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), you do not have to worry about getting your product orders mixed up either because the DRS technology integrated into Amazon Dash Replenishment sensors can differentiate between different products by sensing what item has been picked up during the ordering process through Amazon Prime membership or Alexa voice recognition devices. Here are other 6 top packaging predictions to watch in 2022.

  • There would be an increasing focus on eco-friendly materials

Global society has started recognizing how planet earth is under constant threat from natural disasters and man-made pollution. The only way we can start saving our planet is through green or sustainable practices, which include using recycled and bio-degradable packaging materials. With that in mind, the packaging industry in 2022 will mostly be dominated by materials that are bio-degradable and can also be recycled.

  • Packaging would become more accessible

No one has the time to go through a long list of instructions before they can start using a product. So in 2022, the packaging would be designed in a way that people can understand its usage without any help. Plus, there would be more focus on making labels easier to read without needing to squint.

  • There will be increased use of smart labels on packaging

Just like IoT devices are making their way into the industry, there would also be more focus on incorporating technology into your product packaging as well. For example, companies can use smart labels that come with sensors that allow buyers to track the location of their packages even after they have left the warehouse, so you do not have to waste your time trying to figure out where exactly your package is at all times or why it’s taking so long for it to arrive at its destination. Smart tags are already being used for tracking luxury items in departmental stores.

  • More focus on personalized packaging

People love personalized things because it shows that time has been taken out for them. Similarly, companies are now giving more preference to personalized packaging for their products as they understand how much customer attention is needed in the era of social media branding. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, so customized boxes are a good way to grab attention online, whether you are selling food items or beauty products. Personalized packaging helps you build long-term relationships with people who appreciate unique ideas, and this can result in more customer engagement which can ultimately translate into more sales.

  • More focus on branding/marketing through packaging

With the help of attractive packaging, companies are now spending more time and resources to make their product stand out from other brands in the industry. You may have noticed that food items or beauty products are often displayed at eye level— this is done because these are the prime spots where people tend to look before they head out to purchase a product. With personalized packaging, you can try different marketing techniques like pop-up boxes, containers with holes for dipping your hand inside, etc., so you can attract more customers while showcasing your brand name simultaneously.

  • Packaging industry would use sustainable materials such as bamboo

Bamboo is considered one of the best options for eco-friendly packaging because it grows rapidly without using extra resources and thus, does not require much effort or time to be converted into useful products such as toothbrushes, stationery items, chopsticks, etc. Companies are now looking out for ways to incorporate this material into their product packaging so that they do not have to worry about disposing of all those pesky plastic wrappers used for packing things. While some countries are still struggling with the mass production of bamboo-based packaging, by 2022, we can expect to see more people using it because of the environmental benefits that come with this plant.

How to Adjust your Packaging Strategy to Match Rapid Industry Changes

Packaging strategies need to change rapidly to match the industry’s ever-changing needs, but this can be difficult for businesses that are slow to adapt. Here are six tips for how to adjust your packaging strategy:

  • Keep an open mind: It’s important to be willing to try new things and experiment with different materials and designs. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and cater to customer demands.
  • Stay updated on industry changes: You need to be aware of what’s going on in the world around you if you want your packaging strategy to stay relevant. Follow industry news outlets and blogs, and attend trade shows to learn about new trends and technologies, said John O. from college paper writers and essay reviews.
  • Work closely with your manufacturer: Once you have finalized the packaging design, make sure to work with a qualified manufacturer to ensure that it’s printed properly and will look great. Working with a reliable company is essential for perfecting the final product.
  • Be open to experimentation: You can create multiple prototype designs before launching your product into the market, but keep in mind that not all of them are going to be winners. So don’t get too attached to one design because there are high chances that it might not be well received by customers. It’s better if you come up with multiple options so that you always have something new up your sleeve in case customer preferences change rapidly.
  • Focus on sustainability: In 2022, more companies will be promoting sustainable practices to meet consumer expectations for environmentally friendly products. So if you want your business to stay relevant and competitive, it’s important to focus on eco-friendly materials and design processes like reusing and recycling.
  • Get cross-functional input: Your packaging strategy will need to be approved and supported by multiple departments within your business, so make sure you get the opinions of everyone in your company. For example, if you’re considering using a new material for your packaging, ask members from your research and development teams what they think about it before making a final decision.

In closing, the packaging industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. Manufacturers must keep an eye on trends and be open to experimentation if they want their business to stay relevant. With the help of innovative materials such as bamboo, sustainable packaging is going to become more popular in the coming years, so everyone in the supply chain needs to work together towards a common goal.


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