Top Leadership Books That Are Re-Defining The Business World!

by Glenn Maxwell

No matter how fast-paced our lives become, there’s always enough time to grab a book and expand your horizon. If you’re a rising entrepreneur, dedicating a brief amount of time every day to read leadership books would enable you to take your business to the next level. Reading books is an excellent way to expand your skillset, deepen your understanding of a specific topic, and learn from the mistakes or successes of fellow business owners. According to a 2009 research conducted by Mindlab International at the University of Sussex, reading a book for only six minutes each day reduces stress levels by a whopping 68%, compared to other extracurricular activities, including listening to music or even taking a walk in a scenic spot. As entrepreneurs function in highly stress-inducing environments, reading books could be a bonus. 

Who Moved My Cheese

Author – Spencer Johnson, American Physician

Despite consisting of only 96 pages, this ground-breaking text is a must-read for budding business owners. Its brevity makes it a perfect read with your regular latte on your next morning commute to the office. “Who Moved My Cheese” is written in a parable format and occurs in a maze that two mice, named ‘Sniff’ and ‘Scurry,’ and two mice-sized individuals, ‘Hem’ and ‘Haw’ are navigating. The story primarily revolves around the characters’ relationship to the cheese that could be viewed as an apt metaphor for elements of our working lives, like jobs, career trajectories, and so on. It’s an excellent resource to help you understand the basics of change in the business environment and how such changes can impact your personal life. 

Delivering Happiness

Author – Tony Hsieh, American Internet Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

“Delivering Happiness” discusses the late venture capitalist’s exponential rise to success. Hsieh outlines how he gradually established a billion-dollar retail business and what challenges he experienced during the entire process. One of the unique features of his business empire was Hsieh’s emphasis on a superior level of employee wellness in addition to client satisfaction. Only a few employers in the business world care as much about their workers as they do about their customers. Reading this beautifully-written text would enable you to devise a sound strategy for keeping your employees happy, ultimately boosting productivity and revenue generation. Invest in your staff, and you’ll never have to worry about your business profits again. 


The Smartest Person In The Room

Author – Christian Espinosa, American Cybersecurity Expert

Espinosa’s book takes a different yet brilliant approach to the ever-evolving business world. Although the book’s premise is based on the cybersecurity industry, it’s a treat for individuals belonging to every sector. Espinosa highlights the importance of integrating emotional intelligence at the workplace in his book. He believes that when cybersecurity firms only hire individuals solely based on a high Intelligence Quotient, they’re in the wrong. According to Espinosa, the so-called cybersecurity experts who are unable to process their emotions and take responsibility for their actions fail to diagnose cybersecurity threats accurately. It’s therefore essential for employers to embed emotional intelligence in their company culture. This would enhance cooperation among staff and improve the quality of cybersecurity solutions. “The Smartest Person In The Room” is the perfect read if you’re wondering why your organization is failing to grow despite hiring the best talent in the field. 

Good To Great

Author – Jim Collins, American Researcher, And Speaker

From the author of the best-seller “Built To Last,” “Good To Great” is a phenomenal book on the core features of a highly successful business. Collins had always wondered why some businesses flourished while others failed to make even a single penny as a researcher. In order to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, Collins assembled a highly-qualified team of twenty-one researchers, conducted a five-year study, and summarized their findings in this remarkable text. The researchers identified seven critical characteristics that help companies leap from an excellent status to a great one. Those are level 5 leadership: first who, then what, confront the brutal facts, hedgehog concept, a culture of discipline, technology accelerators, and flywheel. Read the book to explore each idea in detail. 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Author – Robert T. Kiyosaki, American business leader

Last but not least, Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is another critical read for entrepreneurs. This resource elucidates key themes of wealth management by analyzing the author’s two ‘Dads’: his pal’s father is the ‘Rich Dad’ while he is the poor one. One important concept discussed in the book is financial literacy, which everyone should acquaint themselves with, regardless of their age or profession. The core lessons illustrated in the book include tips for making money like a rich person, the importance of learning new skills, and so on. It opens your mind to further possibilities and helps you acquire emotional and financial security strategies. 

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