Top Product Feed Management Tools

by Carter Toni


Online shopping or E-commerce has become a significant contributor to the revenue generation of major industries. Today, the majority of the population prefers buying products from the comfort of their houses. Thus, it has propelled the growth of E-commerce in the country, and many third parties are joining the industry for advertising and marketing efforts. For better marketing, now every business is looking into sites that accept guest posts.

In simple terms, feed management is a process to supervise and optimize the product feed you wish to sell online. Optimizing and supervising the product feed for the article you want to sell advertises it in a better manner. Feed management is essential for segregating the crucial details related to your product from the cluster of details available.

Feed Management in e-commerce

The product feed is a digital file containing every information concerned with the products or items you are planning to sell online. The various details a product feed has are the color of the product, size of the product, EAN/GTIN number, etc.

There are several instances where the format of the data available in the file doesn’t match the format of the platform you wish to incorporate for advertising because these are generally third-party applications. Thus to promote your product on different platforms, you need to create different versions of your feed.

Thus it is not easy to create separate versions of your product feed. For this purpose, feed management in e-commerce is used. A feed management software uses a method to optimize your product feed by uploading original data files and create the needed version.

This software digitizes the process of feed management for you and helps you publish advertisements and reach potential customers.

Best Product Feed management Tools for e-commerce

The top product feed management software will help you optimize data and create advertisements that are more effective across various channels. Some of the best Feed management software are:-

1. Data Feed Watch

DataFeedWatch is one of the best options for product feed management for e-commerce websites. If you use this software, there are high chances that the visibility of your listing will increase drastically because it optimizes your data for being posted on over 2000 e-commerce channels.

The main advantage of using this software is that it offers a single destination for doing several tasks associated with advertising. Thus using this platform will make it easier to organize and reorganize the product information. In short, the software saves time by creating universal feed rules that work with the sales channels you use. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to automate ads on different search engines.

2. WakeupData

Another good option for feed management for an e-commerce website is WakeupData. The platform offers product creators to optimize the product feed for different platforms such as Magneto, Shopify, Prestashop, etc. For selling your product on multiple channels, a seller can adopt one of the strategies.

  • Create a spreadsheet for generating product feeds.
  • Integrate product feed directly from an online store.
  • Automate product feeds from different feed marketing places.

The interface of the platform is extremely user-friendly, which makes it easier for a seller to integrate product feed for different platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, and other sales channels globally.

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