Why is React Native a good choice for startups?

by Carter Toni

As the world turns into a digital hotspot, smartphone launches have made our lives more interesting. Mobile apps make their way in our lives and become the main source of gathering information about almost everything, without even spending a lot of time. Well, you should be aware of the importance and importance of mobile applications to our lives.

Nowadays, starting a startup is like driving a sports car. It’s fun, addicting, and fast, but it takes some wise decisions. There is no way for you to be wrong, as the danger is also high. Finally, the chances are that you run out of fuel or your car crashes before reaching your final destination. To avoid such circumstances, you should focus on choosing the right material that best suits your needs.

Developing a mobile app used to be a daunting task for startups. If startups want to be present in a mobile app, they must create iOS and Android apps separately. But then DEVELOPMENT cross-platform application frameworks were introduced to the market.

Cross-platform frameworks allow developers to build applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase. This approach is now used by most companies because it allows them to create applications with cost effectiveness. Simply put, cross-platform app development allows companies to invest in mobile app development at a time, and then work on it as a single team. Read more on blog to find how React native is trending these days and companies have started using react native app development to provide value-driven products to users.

What is React Native?

React native was launched as an open source framework for developing mobile and web applications. It allows developers to build cross-platform android, ios or windows apps using a single codebase. Since the same codebase can be used to develop applications for multiple devices, this saves resources as well as time to market. In technical terms, react native is an open source javascript framework that is based on js and has the reactjs library to create an attractive user interface. Most developers use react native to build robust mobile and web apps as it offers some of the best-in-class features.

According to the latest techtic poll, react native will dominate mobile app development in the future. So more and more developers are implementing mobile app development with react.to deliver cross-platform mobile apps to enterprises. In 2020, mobile apps generated a whopping $ 190 billion in revenue from app stores and in-app ads alone. Moreover, user demands for smooth navigation and aesthetic appeal have forced companies to use react native to develop mobile apps.

In this digital competition, the need to develop custom applications using react native has become a priority. Companies are now focusing on reducing development costs and resources for rapid development and optimal performance. Using Hybrid Mobile App   Development With xamarin, react native and ionic making their way to the marketplace, developers are looking for ways to create a single application that can run on multiple platforms with an aesthetic user experience.

Some of the top mobile react native companies are paving their way ahead of their competitors with the introduction of react native app development services for the ios and android platforms.

One of the main benefits of using react native for mobile app development is providing users with a native experience and experience. The same code can be used to create applications for multiple platforms. Since react native is based on javascript, it has gained popularity among developers.

Benefits of react native for startups

When making important decisions, you must consider the disadvantages and advantages of the decision you are making. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top business and technical benefits of react native:

Great user experience

The success of every digital product depends on its user experience. From a technical point of view, a react native app is not an “app”, but it looks and looks the same. This is only because it is fully responsive.

Stability and development

Since its launch, react native is still evolving and enjoys huge community support. Since it can easily solve most problems, its use does not pose any risk.

Developer availability

React native is not a new technology for developers, and everyone is already familiar with it. Moreover, the react native market is resilient. You can easily hire freelance developers from upwork or you can hire developers from an agency.

Benefits from a technical point of view

Server technology compatibility

React native can be easily integrated with server side frameworks like ruby ​​on rails or django.

Declarative style

It’s about WHAT you want to do as opposed to imperative style, namely HOW you want to do it. For example, let’s say you’ve hired a private chef and want to have a delicious dinner at home. Instead of telling him HOW to do it (imperative style), you just say WHAT you want (declarative style), for example, “Make me a pizza in Hawaii, please.”

In react native, it’s not about HOW you want to do, but HOW you want to do in the opposite style. Let’s take an example for a better understanding. Let’s say you’ve hired a private chef to dine at your home. Instead of telling them HOW to do it (imperative style), you will only tell them WHAT you want (declarative style).

Open source community

If you get stuck with the development process you can easily get help from reddit or github, there is a support community that can help you easily.

Reusable components

Why waste time writing code over and over when the same code can be reused. The same code can be used on both ios and android and any specific component can be updated in the same view. This feature makes it easy to update the app.

Summing up:

So by now you must have learned that react native is an open source web application development platform with a very large community of developers. You’ve also seen the benefits that startups can take advantage of when developing mobile apps with react native. So, if you are planning to develop an application for multiple platforms, don’t think twice about any other framework other than react native. Since react native offers many benefits, you should take another second to get started by hiring a react native app development company and start the development process.

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