Top Reasons Why Computers Are Slow?

by TechloverSAhmad

Computers now have become part of our lives. Different software has laid the foundations of various fields. But what if the computer is not performing well? Ultimately it will make your mind sick and frustrated. So, we have shared some of the possible reasons why computers are slow and some ways you can overcome these.

Many times, there is actually no problem with the system in terms of technicality. So, before you come across the main reasons sometimes just by restarting the whole system.

Well, if you still running slow then move on…

8 Possible Reasons That Slows Down PC Performance

Multiple Programs At The Same Time

Multi-tasking is one of the prominent features that help to do the work faster. But sometimes this feature interrupts the speed, especially for a low-end system.

When multiple tabs are open simultaneously, the processor gets loaded and does not perform to its best as a result the system slows down. Therefore, when you find your system slowing down, immediately close the unnecessary tabs. This will surely rejuvenate the processor.

Not Enough Space Available In Hard Drive

There’s a basic requirement for smooth functioning of the systems that a minimum of 20% of your memory space must be free. If more than 80% of space is used up the processor gets slower by 50%. But when no space is available, the system automatically slows down.

You can increase your laptop processor speed by adding SDD Hard Drive to the system. This is one of the best way to fix slow computer because SSD is the latest and fastest drive with no moving parts, unlike HDD drives.

Automatic Startup Apps

Generally, it happens with everyone that when you turn your system on, you find many apps or software suddenly open in the background.  This causes a PC to slow after startup because it put the load on with unnecessary programs.

In order to avoid this overloading of the processor which eventually ruptures the booting process, one must be aware of downloading new programs and their updates. There are many system optimization software that helps to do this automatically that we have seen in the IObit AdvancedSystem review.

Old processors

Everyday technology is stepping up and with that the demand of the up to date processors going high. Not every program or software can be run with old versions of processors. This hinders the overall performance and capabilities.

For consistent speed and functioning it is best to add the latest system software and hardware.

System Virus

There can be a possibility of a virus that is slowing down the PC. Viruses consume extra and unnecessary memory and result in slow system performance.

Also, there can be a chance that the antivirus software may not be working properly. Malware is self-copying threat that alter the way of computer operations. This causes problems in the proper functioning of the systems.

To keep your system away from viruses and malware, you must install a good antivirus program.

Hard Drive Fragmentation

If the hard drive is fragmented it can cause a system processor to fail down. As the system resources are in a contiguous amount it makes the system causes errors to rearrange them. To ensure that your system is running up to its speed, you must resist the system from file fragmentation.

Therefore, defragmentation of the hard drive is required. With the help of this feature, redundant and non-required files are reorganized, freeing up space.

Overheated processor

Let’s discuss this feature by assuming a situation for ourselves.  When we have to complete a set of tasks on a deadline, we feel pressure on our heads. This may result in a headache and our ability to work faster gets reduced to some extent.

The same applies to the computer. The only difference is that we feel a headache and the computer processor gets heated. This heating further tends to overheat and the system fails to work at its best.  That’s the reason that the CPU has a fan, which is mainly required to cool down the system.

When overheating of the processor is noticed, one needs to check that the fan is not obstructed and functioning properly.

Graphics Card

The newer versions of Windows are coming with some new features, graphics, and animations. On the contrary, these consume a lot of space and therefore cause ultimate slow down of the computer performance.

With the change in settings, this can be minimized and system processing speed can be recovered.

Reasons For Slow Computer – Final Verdict

So we have shared some of the possible reasons that slow down your computer or laptop. Remember there are sometimes when just by restarting or updating the system can speed up a system.

So, I hope after you have tried these methods you won’t ask again the reasons why computers are slow or freezing.

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