Trading Bitcoin Vs. NavCoin — Which Is Best for You?

by Glenn Maxwell

NAVCoin may be the only cryptocurrency today that guarantees complete anonymity of transactions. You will find a number of partly anonymous digital currencies, but NAVCoin compares favorably together using its file encryption, which completely separates and scatters details about the transaction, even removing it in the Ip. The woking platform operates based on the blockchain and utilizes a sub-chain to utilize each transaction.

Together with your project

When compared with analogs NAVCoin compares favorably within the following points:

Transaction speed. You don’t need to hold back a couple of minutes to transmit NAV to the place in the world, 30 seconds is sufficient. This fast transfer speed is ideal for digital and retail retail. Additionally, this speed having a minimum block size enables countless operations to become performed concurrently.

Passive earnings. Because of the Proof-of-Stake technology, you could get as much as 5% in your deposit, just using the wallet within the betting mode.

Completely private payment. The decentralized NAVTech network has absolute anonymity. The change in funds is safely encrypted and occurs via a sub-chain. How you can convert nav to btc? It’s easile to complete around the exchange.

Ecological ambiance. The work doesn’t need costly and electricity-consuming servers. Operations can be carried out on any computer.

Perspectives. NAVCoin’s roadmap for 2017 includes some very ambitious milestones that may bring good profits.

Weekly updates. Each week, the creators publish an in depth set of the most recent changes to have their users informed.

Continuous growth. Since 2014, NAVCoin has been around constant development, and when at the start the work was very modest, now it with confidence occupies a number one position.

Huge community. The extensive team includes active and ambitious those who are always prepared to help newcomers and be a part of increasing the currency.

Keeping pace using the occasions. NAVCoin is frequently updated using the latest trends, therefore it has fresh benefits.

It’s important to note the exceptional safety whenever using the woking platform – the machine operates on several servers located around the planet, data backups will also be scattered round the planet. Things are stored – from copies of wallets to data meant for system recovery in situation of the failure. If NAVTech is attacked by an burglar, then work is going to be started again inside a couple of hrs with minimal losses.


Cryptocurrency is generated with a distributed network of computers u . s . inside a closed Internet community computers execute some complex cryptographic algorithms, leading to cryptocurrency by means of digital currency units. They are able to only be employed to pay within digital communities individuals and organizations can open accounts (known as wallets) in specialized communities.

Community founders limit the quantity of currency that computers that support transactions locally can generate. The collective event to produce a currency for that community is known as the first Gold coin Offering.

Bitcoin is easily the most popular cryptocurrency, and simultaneously it is among the first cryptocurrencies that a particular release limit was initially set.

The person known underneath the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto organized this cryptocurrency and founded we’ve got the technology for generating and managing it, in 2008 Nakamoto set the utmost quantity of bitcoins generated with a distributed network of computers at 21 million. This type of restriction around the way to obtain bitcoins ensures the interest in the currency, which, consequently, increases in cost.

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