Traffic Ticket in Edmonton: How to Deal With It

by Carter Toni

A traffic ticket comes with many disadvantages, such as higher auto insurance rates, the risk of driving license cancellation or suspension, and more. You could even have a faulty driving record, making you unsuitable for specific job profiles.

If you get a traffic ticket in Edmonton, your auto insurance rates will likely increase. Fortunately, you have the option to fight a traffic violation ticket. That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article. Meanwhile, getting auto insurance can always prove to be your saviour in case of an accident or an unfortunate incident.

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Tips for dealing with a traffic violation ticket

Tackling traffic ticket in Edmonton is highly challenging. It’s important to obey the traffic laws of your area to save yourself from heavy traffic violation penalties and charges. But somehow, if you commit minor traffic offences, use the following strategies to fight a ticket in Edmonton.

1.   Preparing your case to defend yourself in the court

The first step is deciding whether you need a professional to represent you in court or you’ll do it all by yourself. Keep in mind that if you lose, you may be jailed or lose your license.

In serious charges such as fleeing the accident scene or impaired driving, it’s best to take the help of a certified lawyer. Experts know the best tactics to defend traffic violation tickets, and they’ll bargain your charges efficiently. You may handle less severe traffic violations like parking offences, speeding, or ignoring a stop sign.

2.   Determine the kind of ticket issued to you

Whether you hire an expert or represent your case, it’s important to determine what category of traffic ticket is issued to you. The Canadian Provincial Offences Act recognizes the following types of Provincial Offences tickets.

  • A parking ticket
  • An Offense ticket (traffic ticket other than a parking ticket, like a failure to wear a seat belt, speeding ticket, etc.)
  • A summons to show up at the court

3.   Check your ticket status online

You may check the fines and status of your traffic ticket in Edmonton using the following:

  • The offence number and location code mentioned on your traffic ticket.
  • To check summons status – Case number, and the offence number for using POA services (you may collect this info from the municipal court office).

You can’t access the status of fines or traffic tickets issued against you for the following situations.

  • parking tickets
  • criminal matters
  • traffic violation charges against an individual below 16 years of age
  • cases relating to publication bans
  • cases under appeal

4.   Fighting traffic ticket case

Each ticket type has a different procedure if you wish to fight the ticket.

Traffic offence notice

Offence notices are one of the most common traffic violation tickets issued to individuals. If you get this ticket, you have the following options.


  • Sign the traffic ticket and submit the charges against you for the violation.
  • Explain and plead guilty. It means you’ll have to visit the court and represent your case for a fine reduction or giving you extra time to pay the fine. Be ready with an appropriate explanation for the same.
  • You may choose to go under trial for disputing the charges. In this case, you’ll have to connect with the court office and attend court hearings.

If you don’t respond to the traffic violation ticket within two weeks of the receipt, or if you fail to appear for the hearings, then the case is reviewed by a justice. And if there are no flaws or mistakes in the ticket, you’ll have to face a conviction.

Note – The court dismisses the ticket if it includes a major flaw, such as missing the defendant’s name, offence location, date, or the officer’s signature. This rule isn’t applicable for minor flaws such as misspelled names.

Parking infraction notice

If a parking violation ticket is issued against you, you may opt for the following.

  • Plead guilty and pay the ticket amount
  • Alternatively, you may request a trial date. Make sure to follow the instructions printed on your ticket’s back. However, if a traffic ticket is issued against you, avoid doing any of the above-listed things within two weeks of receiving the ticket. Also, make sure to attend the trial, or you’ll be declared guilty of the offence without any trial.

Summons notice

People who commit a serious offence like driving without insurance, a traffic collision, or driving under suspension are summoned to court. Generally, the penalties for such serious offences could range from $500 to $5000. In extreme cases, the individual may face a jail sentence or license suspension.

You must attend the court’s hearing at a given time and date if you get summoned. And failure to attempt a court hearing will be considered an offence. It is recommended to take the assistance of an expert lawyer to deal with the case.

If you get summoned for a minor offence and choose to fight your traffic ticket, preparing yourself efficiently before presenting your case to the court is important. It is recommended to start preparing your case right after the incident.

Determine which Highway Traffic Act’s sections have been used to press the charges against you. Collect all the relevant info used by the prosecution. Plus, prepare a list of witnesses you’ll call for your case.

Photo radar or Red light violation tickets

On violating photo radar or red light, the vehicle’s registered owner gets a ticket along with a Notice of Offense from the Edmonton Police Service through email. Upon receiving an Edmonton traffic ticket, you’ll have the following options.

  • Clear the charges pressed against you by paying a voluntary payment
  • Pleading not guilty, sending a signed copy of a notice that you plead not guilty to the charges pressed against you, and you’ll appear before the court on the trial date. And if the charges become applicable after the trial is complete, you’ll pay the penalty along with late payment charges.

Traffic ticket in Edmonton: How to deal with it — Endnote

Although fighting an Edmonton traffic violation ticket is a good idea, in some cases, plea bargaining may be a better alternative.

In this case, you settle a deal with the other party for imposing less severe charges against you. Resultantly, your demerits points and penalty charges will reduce. The prosecutor agrees to plea bargain only if it’s mutually beneficial.

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