Trendyfy Reviews Is Trendyfy Legit or not?

by Glenn Maxwell

Are you currently searching to have an online shop that provides a number of product groups? Can you really buy online effortlessly? There are plenty of online portals such as this, but we’re going to pay attention to one. It originated from India.

To supply clearness, this informative guide will detail Trendyfy reviews.


Trendyfy sells multiple groups of products through one online shop. The web site sells items like:

  • Earbuds
  • Neckband
  • Hair dyers
  • Fitness

Eyebrow trimmers

If you have been kinds of accessories and merchandise on this website. There are lots of other products available on this web site. McAfee’s special payment safety makes this site supposedly secure. This site was featured in lots of magazines including Everyday Health, Business travel, in addition to a number of other magazines. This site seems quite plausible to become correct, so it’s necessary for more information on Trendyfy Legit.


Website Name-This website was produced on 21/02/20 which is presently registered through 2022. Which means that the website is made at least a year earlier.

  • URL – This site URL is:
  • Category – This portal sells various kinds of items like those pointed out above.
  • Email – Contact email id:
  • Address – The e-mail address given is WH29 NGM Sangrur Punjab. It’s misleading because the address might not match the main one provided.
  • Phone number- The contact no. The phone number is 628136590. It doesn’t work.
  • Payment Options-Only Credit/An atm card like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and American Express recognized.
  • Trendyfy This website received couple of reviews from social networking platforms and many of these comments are negative.
  • Refund policy All returns can be created within 15 days after receipt as reported by the site.
  • Customer Refund Guarantee- After a check mark, the refund is going to be initiated around the customer’s account.
  • Exchange policy- This exchange policy applies for 15 days following delivery of the product.
  • Shipping policy- Orders are processed in 1-2 working days.
  • Delivery policy- The delivery of the order will require roughly seven days.
  • Social networking presence- This site has Facebook and Instagram accounts.


  • Trendyfy Reviews: Let’s check out the primary benefits first.
  • McAfee Secure claims the web site is protected.
  • This site sells a number of products making it feasible for people to buy.
  • Each policy is described at length.


  • Let’s now discuss the drawbacks of the site:
  • The address and phone number provided are misleading and false.
  • This site received a minimal Trust ranking of just one around the scale from 5 on its Facebook Page.
  • Clients are unhappy using the website’s social networking reviews out on another recommend it.

Is Trendyfy Legit or otherwise?

  • Domain age- The domain is several years old and it was registered on 21/02/20.
  • Trust Score- The trust score for is 27%.
  • Review- The majority of the negative comments are around the site’s social networking platforms.
  • Alexa rank- This website includes a terrible Alexa ranking.
  • Plagiarism content Content discovered to be 100 % plagiarized
  • Policies- All guidelines happen to be completely described.
  • Originality from the Contact Address – This contact address is fake.

Social networking icons $ connection- No social networking icons exist on the website. However, social networking accounts could be utilized.

Owner Information- These records aren’t current.

Impractical Savings- There’s a purchase happening that is not reliable while offering huge discounts.

Customer Fashionyfy Review

Even though it is obvious the site seems accurate after thorough research, you may still discover the primary explanation through testimonials. This site has gotten customer comments via social networking platforms.

However, most of the social networking posts are harmful and customers have mentioned the website sells fake products. This site isn’t suggested by customers.

Trendyfy reviews has says the website’s credibility is questionable. Additionally they sell trendy products for example Activity trackers, earphones, and so forth. It may be beneficial to seek information before choosing out of this online shop.

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