Twin Flames Universe Where Are They Now? Who are Jeff and Shaleia Divine? Meet Jeff and Shaleia Divine Now!

by Moore Martin

Twin Flames Universe Where Are They Now

In 2023, amidst allegations and controversies, Jeff and Shaleia Divine continue to manage Twin Flames Universe from their home in Michigan while expanding their family with the arrival of their daughter, Grace. This article delves into the journey of Twin Flames Universe, its founders, and their current status.

The Origins of Twin Flames Universe

Twin Flames Universe, established by Jeff and Shaleia Divine in the United States, has garnered significant attention for its unaccredited video courses, church activities, and various ventures, often criticized as a “self-help and wellness cult” by experts. The organization was officially formed in 2017, with its primary focus being paid online classes, including the “Twin Flame Ascension Course,” which explores the concept of twin flames—a connection believed to hold profound spiritual significance.

Despite the controversies surrounding them, the duo expanded their reach in 2019 by founding the Church of Union, aiming to unite various religious beliefs under a single spiritual umbrella. Jeff Divine, formerly known as Jeffery Ayan, and Shaleia, previously Megan Plante, embarked on this journey together in 2012. Jeff’s background includes experiences on a subsistence farm and living in Hawaii. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and, as of November 2023, they continue to actively lead Twin Flames Universe, attracting both attention and scrutiny.

Current Residence and Allegations

As of 2023, Jeff and Shaleia Divine are residing in Michigan, where they actively manage Twin Flames Universe and the Church of Union from their home. Despite facing allegations, they have issued a comprehensive denial on their website, challenging the accuracy of the claims and asserting the autonomy of their community members.

The Farmington Hills police department’s 2020 investigation found no evidence of crimes within their jurisdiction. Consequently, the report was forwarded to the FBI for a review of possible federal offenses. However, as of the latest information available, no criminal charges have been filed against the couple.

Remarkably, the Divine family welcomed their first child, Grace, in April 2023. They frequently share family moments on social media platforms, emphasizing the significance of family and attributing a harmonious world to twin flame unions. Their commitment to Twin Flames Universe remains steadfast, evident in their continued acceptance of new members and active engagement on platforms like Facebook, where their group boasts over 67,000 members. Their life events, such as the birth of their daughter, align with the principles they teach, as previously reflected by Jeff.

Jeff Divine: A Brief Profile

Jeff Divine, formerly known as Jeffery Ayan, is a native of Michigan and a graduate of Western Michigan University’s business school. His interest in personal growth, spirituality, and New Age ideas blossomed during his college years. Jeff’s spiritual journey took a transformative turn through yoga and meditation, leading to what he describes as “transcendental, mystical, and spiritual” experiences, which he learned from his initial spiritual mentor. Upon moving to Hawaii, he adopted the persona of a lifestyle guru under the name Ender Ayanethos.

Before co-founding Twin Flames Universe with Shaleia, Jeff explored various personal growth and healing ventures, even claiming to cure cancer for free in one of his earlier endeavors, as highlighted in the documentary “Escaping Twin Flames.” His immersion in personal growth deepened after meeting Shaleia, who introduced him to their shared spiritual teacher. United by their commitment to spiritual growth, Jeff and Shaleia evolved into relationship coaches before establishing Twin Flames Universe, a controversial organization where they now serve as spiritual leaders.

Shaleia Divine: A Brief Profile

Shaleia Divine, originally known as Megan Plante, is a Canadian native who found herself in Sedona, Arizona, seeking spiritual wisdom after a series of unsuccessful relationships. While exploring spiritual teachings with a mentor, she simultaneously connected with Jeff online. Their first in-person meeting in Sedona marked the initiation of their shared spiritual exploration.

During this period, Shaleia introduced Jeff to diverse spiritual concepts like tarot cards and intuitive readings. Their relationship evolved into marriage, and within a few years, they not only became life partners but also business collaborators. Shaleia assumed a crucial supportive role for Jeff, and together, they declared themselves as living proof of the existence of twin flame unions.

Shaleia’s journey encompasses a transformation from being a seeker of true love in Sedona to becoming a co-founder of Twin Flames Universe. Her shared experiences with Jeff form the core of their teachings, and through their controversial organization, they aim to demonstrate and advocate for the authenticity of twin flame connections.

Where to Watch Twin Flames Universe Documentaries

For those interested in learning more about Twin Flames Universe and the controversies surrounding it, the documentary series “Twin Flames Universe” is available for viewing. Additionally, you can find the earlier documentaries “Escaping Twin Flames” and “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe” on Prime Video. These investigative docu-series initially brought the allegations against Twin Flames Universe to light, with coverage by Vice and Vanity Fair in 2020. Prime Video offers a platform for in-depth examinations of the controversies surrounding the organization and its founders, Jeff and Shaleia Divine.

Twin Flames Universe Where Are They Now? – FAQs

  1. What is Twin Flames Universe? Twin Flames Universe is an organization founded by Jeff and Shaleia Divine in the United States, known for its unaccredited video courses and church activities related to the concept of twin flames.
  2. Where are Jeff and Shaleia Divine now? As of 2023, Jeff and Shaleia are residing in Michigan, actively managing Twin Flames Universe and the Church of Union from their home.
  3. What are the allegations against Twin Flames Universe? The organization has faced allegations of being a “self-help and wellness cult,” as highlighted by investigative reporting from Vice and Vanity Fair in 2020.
  4. How did Jeff and Shaleia respond to the allegations? Jeff and Shaleia issued a comprehensive denial on their website, challenging the accuracy of the claims and emphasizing the autonomy of their community members.
  5. Where can I watch documentaries about Twin Flames Universe? The documentary series “Escaping Twin Flames” and its predecessor, “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe,” are available on Prime Video, offering in-depth explorations into the controversies surrounding the organization.

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