Types of Project Management Software and Tools

by James Martin

If you have been ever related to some sort of business or business project, then you definitely be aware of the struggles that one has to face while managing a project. However, with the advanced technologies and progress in the field of business and every other field, certain solutions have been found to deal with hurdles that could come in the path of your project.

The best-considered solution in this regard is using project management software. Once you manage to find out how to proceed with the project and other things related to it, it would be easy for you to complete it. This could be done easily using project management software. It will help the project manager to control every step. Moreover, it also involves the stakeholders and investors for controlling the budget and other administration processes.

However, there is not a single type of project management software. A great variation is present among them. And they have abilities to perform different functions from time tracking to making a decision. For example, there are expense tracking software programs. Then, there’s CRM for engineering firms. All these falls under project management tools.

Different sorts of managers will choose the managing software of their choice. However, the nature of the project affects this selection. Following are some of the top types of project management software.

Individual Management Software

It is clear from the name that this software is specially designed for a single project which is led by a single project manager and is totally under the control of this manager. It is considered the simplest and early form of project management software and could be in the form of a single spreadsheet that contains the data and timetable to complete the project.

However, it could also be in the form of some application that is equipped with all the essential tools required by the manager to take the project towards the finishing end. In an organization or firm, a single project management software could be used by different managers at a time, but they will not be interconnected with each other.

Collaborative Management Software

In this software, the project data and the time tracking are accessible by every member of a project team working under a project manager. You can also make some changes in it to share a single project management software with all the project managers. However, this could be fruitful only if the projects are interrelated with each other.

So, the best thing is to keep them separate from other teams. However, the members of the same team could access the data and make changes to it as well. This is totally a unique system, but make sure that you are using it for only one project at a time, otherwise, members of different teams could make changes to the data of one project and the resultant will definitely be what you are willing and trying to achieve.

Integrated Management Software

If you want to organize every project of your company at the next level, then this management system which is the most advanced of all will be your ultimate choice. You can have all the teams working on different projects on one platform. All the project managers that are leading different teams and handling different projects could co-relate with each other via this type of software.

The best thing about this software is that all the data will remain integrated on one platform and you can easily access the data of previous projects that were performed by you or any other teams to assist you in the current project. However, the interface is quite user-friendly and you can easily distinguish between different projects.


If you too are willing to get rid of the problems facing as a project manager, then you must choose project management software. While doing so, make sure that you are choosing the appropriate one and giving access to only those people who you want. There are many such tools you can find online, but for the best results, choose BQE Core. It is one of the most dependable project management tools that caters to the requirements of different organizations.

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