Ultimate styling guide for men while traveling!

by Sean Dixon

Finally, the world has opened up after the freaking lockdown of two years. Mass vaccinations have helped to restore some normalcy and it is a sigh of relief. For travel lovers who love traveling across different destinations once a year, this is the most unprecedented time for all of them. Because everything has now opened, so we all are planning our next trips.

So when planning for your trip after lockdown trauma, you must do it with style. Traveling is not just about exploring new places; it is also about feeling good and comfortable while vacationing. The right travel essentials can make your whole experience much smoother & joyful. Therefore if you are one of those who are planning their travel anytime soon, below is our ultimate styling guide for men to help you gear up.


1. Pack smartly

Fashion travel is not just looking great. It should be comfortable, practical, and a hassle-free traveling experience. The worst thing you can do is to overburden yourself by unnecessarily packing things in your closet. The first thing you must do is to know what is the purpose of your tour and what weather conditions there are. This will ease you to identify the right type of clothing and other essentials that you must pack.

If it’s your business tour then two-three formal shirts and dress pants with a tie will be perfect. You can also pull out a white gold rope chain to bring a casual look to your outfit. If you are traveling with your family or friends for a casual vacation then most of your clothing will include tees, jeans, shorts, a cap, and PJs. If you are traveling to colder destinations then for layering you need to pack your sweatshirts, jackets, coats, and scarf’s for extra layering.

2. The right luggage

Your luggage is the most noticeable part of your airport look that how to carry yourself. If you are not carrying the right kind of suitcase then your whole look can go down.

When selecting your luggage, factors like utility, security, and storage space are also important besides its exterior look. So we advise you to invest in a good hard case luggage bag that has a four-wheeler. Make sure the weight of your suitcase is lightweight. This is important so that your suitcase weight does not end up the weight limits of airlines. Moreover bulkier bags are difficult to carry if you use trains and buses. It would be better if you go for a suitcase that has extra pockets for your better organization.

3. Comfortable wear

No matter why and where you are traveling, you must wear comfortable clothes. There is no point in putting yourself in an uncomfortable and awkward condition by dressing up too much. So wear comfortable clothes so that you can easily relax and stretch yourself while onboard. Nothing can beat a pair of good shirts with track pants. Layer it up with a sweatshirt or a light jacket and you are ready to go.

To make a bold statement you can pair a Gucci link chain with your attire.

4. Dopp kit essentials

Dopp kit essentials can be a little bit confusing. So we will advise you to not be dependable on hotel toiletries and should carry your Dopp kit. The most essential things are you must add a travel-sized shampoo, body wash, razor, shaving cream, body lotion, aftershave, comb, perfumes, or deodorants. Of Course, one toothbrush and toothpaste added with dental floss are a must-have.

5. Footwear

Men are usually noticed by their shoes, so you should not compromise on the pair of shoes. Add a pair of sneakers or shoes that will match all your jeans, shorts, shirts, T-shirts, and accessories. Do not forget to add a pair of slip-on too.

Most airports have various security checks where you have to take off your shoes. Go for a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily take off and put in anywhere anytime. Avoid the urge of packing too many shoes. Just one pair of sneakers and a pair of slip-on is perfect.

6. Accessorizing

Styling for men is not complete without the right accessory. Most men avoid accessories in their daily life, so if you want to stay stylish while vacationing, accessorizing is a must. They hardly take any space in your suitcase and can change your entire look. Accessories like a pair of sunglasses, simple rings, light bracelets, necklaces, belt, backpack, and of course a smartwatch you can easily carry in your luggage. You can also flaunt the men’s social status by wearing a rose gold rope chain while vacationing.

A smart pair of sunglasses that complements your personality will enhance your overall look. You can also top it up with other accessories like an elegant leather case for your phone and your passport a smart passport cover. If you are carrying your laptop then you can also invest in a nice laptop bag.

7. Unpacking the suitcase

 Once you reach your hotel room, after all the tiredness through the journey, that bed may look comfortable enough but you should not forget about your suitcase. You should leave everything aside and should start unpacking. The longer you leave your clothes in the bag the chances of wrinkles are high. And why leave your shoes with your clothes when you have the provision of putting them in the drawer? Also, we will suggest you first check your hotel drawers if they are properly cleaned or not, else there are chances that it will ruin your nicely packed clothes.


With all of the above material things packed in your briefcase, do not forget to pack your smile and confidence.

Do it right and do it with style!

Happy vacations boys!

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