Unsure Which Shoes To Wear To A Formal Event? This Guide Will Help You!

by Glenn Maxwell

No matter who you are, you have probably been in a position at some point in your life where you couldn’t find a pair of shoes that match your outfit or are appropriate for an upcoming formal event. This is especially frustrating when you have picked out your clothing and feel great in what you’ve chosen to wear, but start to wonder if you will need to change your entire outfit to match another pair of shoes. This guide will help you consider different types of shoe and will hopefully prevent future footwear indecision.

Give Yourself Time

One of the most stressful parts of getting ready for a formal event takes place if you neglect to prepare the day before. If you leave your decisions to the last minute, you will almost inevitably feel rushed and risk dressing in a way you aren’t happy with. Spend time before the day of the event trying on the clothing you plan to wear and testing different pairs of shoes to see which looks best. If you find yourself in a hurry on one occasion, try to make sure you are more prepared for the next time.

Invest In Classics Before The Event

Perhaps you aren’t often expected to attend formal events and this is why you don’t have many footwear options available. If this is the case, it can be useful to invest in one or two pairs of shoes that will be appropriate for almost any formal event and look good with many of your outfits. For example, an excellent smart staple is the Oxford Shoe. So what is an Oxford Shoe, you might be wondering. It’s a classic style that can transform almost any outfit into a smart and sophisticated look. Here are a few other suggestions that can help to elevate an outfit for a formal event:

  • Boots without laces such as polished Chelsea boots can be made to look very formal with the right outfit.
  • Depending on the rules of the event and the dress code, you may be permitted to wear something more casual such as boat shoes or loafers.
  • A monk strap shoe can provide a unique twist on a formal shoe due to its unusual cut.

Whatever style of shoe you choose, remember to think about texture and material. You can also try Italian shoes. You may wonder how different italy shoe size to us. You can find answers online nowadays.

Bend The Rules And Make Your Shoes The Focal Point Of Your Outfit

If you receive a dress code from the event hosts that states that sports shoes or open-toed shoes are not permitted, you still have a lot of choice when it comes to your footwear. For a simple outfit you can make a statement with your shoes by choosing bold patterns or unusual shapes. Just because you are attending a formal event doesn’t mean you have to wear boring and predictable shoes. You can adhere to strict dress codes while expressing yourself through your clothing choices. All you need is some imagination and creativity.

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