Use 4 Unique Ways to Maximize Your Conversion Rate with SEO

by Carter Toni

Better ranking and more web traffic on different search engines may sometimes not increase your conversion rates. Keep in mind that SEO and conversions rate optimization are closely related to each other. When you set a marketing strategy, you should focus on producing content which is capable of converting visitors to the actual buyers. SEO and Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO) should align well with each other.

When you put efforts to optimize SEO it focuses on increasing your performance on search engines. It attracts more traffic to your site but that does not give you the surety of gaining actual conversions.

CRO works further and it focuses to maximize conversion rates by conducting a competitive analysis, quantities and qualitative research, post testing analysis and analyses website elements. Here are 4 unique strategies to unite CRO and SEO.

1. Sustain the charisma of entry page

The information you are providing to your target audience has a charisma to cling your customers to your website. This charisma makes a visitor feel that he or she is has reached at right place. Try these tips to maintain your first-page ‘charisma’:

  • Design a clean and clear website structure.
  • Adjust the main layout based on written keywords.
  • Match the title tag and H1 heading
  • Set local phone numbers which are GeoIP oriented for showing your organic location. Never include out-of stock products on your site.

2. Include explainer videos

The explainer videos have a deep role to play. Such videos increase the conversion rates as they clearly communicate about your product the value it will ad in the life of its user. You can instantly boost sales if you include explaining and influential videos to your site. Such videos must be made short and precise of about 2.5minutes time span and your hosting should be speedy to support these explainer. Its content should be attention-grabbing with a strong message that the user just clings to your site.

3. Unite SEO with A/B testing

The website with converts the maximum percentage of its users wins the game. If you have created different versions of a website and say for example version A was the original one and B and C were came later. SEO also monitors the effectiveness of the versions you have developed. So it creates one more check to see which version is most viewed and have shown better results in SEO. While making different versions of your site keep these points under serious consideration:

  1. Never change the overall spirit of your site
  2. Don’t try to hide mistakes
  3. Make use of rel-canonical tag

4. Monitor the page loading time

How much time a visitor can wait to load our page before he or she leaves is a very critical factor which contributes a lot to rejecting your page right away. A visitor can wait only for one second. If your site is taking more than 10 seconds, the user may leave your site instantly. Making a user wait is unbearable. Even if he decides to wait, he may not like to go for completing a call-to action option.

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