4 Interesting Things You Can do with a PDF File

by Carter Toni

Long story short, PDF is for preserving and reading important data, but you never knew you could easily unlock interesting features with a PDF file. If you want to learn about them, you’ve come to the right spot.

Today, people across the globe are using PDF files every day. Simply put, the PDF file is the best way to keep the data protected and secure.

For your information, this genius file can be opened on any computer, which makes it the perfect option for sharing. But, do you know, you can do much more than save and send?

This article will unveil some interesting secrets about the PDF files:


Do you ever want to edit a PDF file?

Once you open the PDF file, all you need to do is, visit the Tools tab and click on edit. There, you will be guided to a plethora of edit options in the PDF. These options are inclusive of cropping the page, adding text, editing existing text, adding a watermark, and even adjusting images. If you have hyperlinks to be added, you can infuse them too.

Combine and Extract

Do you have a single PDF document that will be best with a combination of several pages? Or do you want to remove the unwanted pages from the document?

If you want to combine the PDF files, you don’t have to stress many things. All you have to do is, click on the Tools tab and combine the different files. In order to have one more page extracted from the current PDF, you simply need to open the file, visit the tools tab and choose to combine files. If you have more pages that need to be extracted, you can even delete them from the actual file. No wonder this tool has made it easier for everyone to make the most out of a PDF file. Even if you want to convert word to pdf, you don’t have to worry about using this tool.

Reduce the File Size

Now that you have created an awesome PDF file, you must be willing to give it to someone. However, you might have difficulty when attaching it to the email due to its large size. Perhaps, it might be your personalized resume not being the right size that is required. Don’t worry! PDF is here to fix your problem. Through this tool, you can easily cut the total size of the PDF file. If you want to go the extra mile in reducing the file size, you can consider the advanced option.

Set Password

If you have a file that has to be protected no matter what or something confidential, PDF allows you to add a password to it. This means you can rest assured that your document is safe whilst being transferred to somebody else in a different part of the globe. All you need to do is, open the PDF file, select the Tools tab and choose to protect. Once the file is encrypted, nobody will be able to make changes to the content.

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