Video shows man with Trump banner in background mocking George Floyd’s death

by Carter Toni

A corrections officer who took part in a counterprotest into a Black Lives Matter demonstration in New Jersey where people reenacted the death of George Floyd was suspended after the video was widely shared on social media.

Video shows man with Trump banner

Inside the video, protesters march along a street Monday in Franklin Township, Gloucester County, chanting “George Floyd! ” and “Black Lives Matter! ” The video shows they may be being escorted by local police.

They pass a personal property loaded with firewood on the market.

Video filmed by someone marching shows a male kneeling in the neck of some other man shouting unintelligibly back at protesters. Protesters shout back.

Two more males are standing nearby and one of these is filming on a cellphone.

The audience is standing on the roadside facing a pickup truck outfitted having an American flag and a Trump banner. Several other people are nearby. An “All Lives Matter” sign is likewise hanging.

Another truck shows the “thin blue line” flag, designed to show support for law enforcement workers.

The recording has garnered thousands of views and shares on social networking.

Floyd, a black man, was pinned on the pavement May 25 from a white Minneapolis police office who put his knee on Floyd’s neck for a lot of minutes, even with Floyd stopped responding.

Protests are already kept in towns and cities worldwide calling on an end to police brutality and systemic racism.

The Brand New Jersey Department of Corrections put out a statement Tuesday afternoon that said they were made aware that among its officers participated in the filming of a “hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd.”

“The individual is suspended using their post and banned from NJDOC facilities pending a thorough and expedited investigation,” the statement said.

It’s unknown which of the people in the video works for the Department. Another person in the video can be a FedEx employee, who may have since been fired, a company spokesman told The Courier Post.

An announcement from Police Chief Brian Mayor and Zimmer John Bruno said these were “appalled and saddened with the revolting actions of certain individuals.”

NBC10 reported they called multiple phone numbers listed for the property where the counterprotesters were, but has not received a response.

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