Vincent Asaro Obituary Who was Vincent Asaro? What Really Happened? How Did Vincent Asaro Die?

by Moore Martin

Vincent Asaro Obituary Who was Vincent Asaro

Vincent Asaro, a well-known figure in the New York Mafia, has passed away at the age of 86. His life was intricately connected to the city’s underworld, and his death signifies the end of an era for some. As family and friends come together to remember him, they reflect on a man who was more than the notoriety associated with his name.

Introduction to Organized Crime

Born on July 10, 1937, in Brooklyn, New York, Asaro’s journey led him into the infamous Bonanno crime family, one of the five major Mafia families in the city. His name became synonymous with his involvement in various criminal activities, most notably the daring Lufthansa heist at JFK airport in 1978, a crime immortalized in the movie “Goodfellas.”

Beyond the Headlines

Despite his criminal notoriety, Asaro was also a family man, and his children and grandchildren remember him as more than just a criminal figure. As loved ones gather to mourn his passing, they have the opportunity to reflect on the man beyond the headlines, cherishing the family gatherings, stories, and moments that defined their connection with him.

In these challenging times, family and friends can offer gestures of remembrance, such as sending flowers and lighting a candle, as a loving tribute to honor Vincent Asaro. These acts provide an avenue for expressing their grief and paying tribute to the complexities of the man they knew and loved.

The Dual Nature of Notorious Figures

The passing of Vincent Asaro encourages us to contemplate the dual nature of individuals who may be remembered for their criminal activities but who were also part of a broader tapestry of family and personal connections. Ultimately, even notorious figures have lives that encompass more than their criminal deeds, and Asaro’s life serves as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of every person’s existence.

Who was Vincent Asaro?

Vincent Asaro, born on July 10, 1937, in Ozone Park, Queens, was an American mobster and a former captain in the Bonanno crime family. His family had deep connections to the world of organized crime, with his father Joseph Asaro and mother Victoria being part of this underworld. Asaro’s early exposure to the mafia was facilitated by his family, particularly his uncle, Michael Zaffarano, a significant figure in mob circles.

He also played a role in introducing his son, Jerome Asaro, into the Bonanno crime family, although their relationship later soured, leading to estrangement. Additionally, Asaro’s nephew, Ronald Giallanzo, was a former acting captain in the Bonanno crime family and faced legal consequences, being sentenced to 14 years in prison for his involvement in extortion and illegal gambling activities. Vincent Asaro’s name became synonymous with New York’s underworld due to his alleged involvement in the notorious 1978 Lufthansa heist at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a crime that inspired the movie “Goodfellas.”

What Happened to Vincent Asaro?

Vincent Asaro, a former mobster, passed away at the age of 86. He was known for his alleged involvement in the famous 1978 Lufthansa heist at JFK airport, a crime portrayed in the movie “Goodfellas.” Asaro was acquitted of charges related to the heist in a 2015 trial, despite his cousin and mob turncoat Gaspare Valenti testifying against him.

However, he faced other legal troubles, including a 2017 arrest for an unrelated road rage arson conviction. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison, but he was granted compassionate release in 2020 due to health concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic. Asaro’s funeral was held at St. Helen’s Catholic church in Queens.

Vincent Asaro’s life was marked by his involvement in organized crime and the infamous Lufthansa heist. Despite facing legal challenges and accusations, he managed to evade conviction for his alleged role in the heist. Asaro’s passing in 2023 marked the end of a life filled with criminal activities and legal battles, leaving behind a legacy connected to one of the most significant heists in American history.

How Did Vincent Asaro Die?

Vincent Asaro, the former mobster linked to the notorious Lufthansa heist, passed away at the age of 86. The exact cause of his death remains unclear, as reported by sources. Despite his involvement in criminal activities and legal troubles throughout his life, the circumstances surrounding his passing have not been publicly disclosed.

Following his involvement in the 1978 Lufthansa heist, Asaro faced a series of legal challenges, including an unrelated road rage arson conviction that led to his imprisonment. In 2020, he was granted compassionate release from prison due to health concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting his vulnerability to the virus. However, the specific health issues or events leading to his death have not been disclosed to the public, leaving his cause of death shrouded in mystery. Asaro’s passing marked the end of a life marked by organized crime and notorious criminal events.

Vincent Asaro Net Worth

Vincent Asaro’s net worth remains undisclosed to the public, but given his association with mafia organizations, it is estimated to have been in the range of $3 to $5 million. His involvement in organized crime would have allowed him to accumulate wealth over the years, although the exact extent of his financial holdings is not known. Asaro’s ties to the Bonanno crime family and his participation in criminal activities would likely have contributed to his net worth.

Who Played Vincent Asaro in Goodfellas?

Vincent Asaro, the former mobster connected to the famous Lufthansa heist portrayed in the movie “Goodfellas,” was not specifically portrayed by a character bearing his name in the film. Instead, the heist’s mastermind, James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke, was portrayed by actor Robert DeNiro in “Goodfellas.” Asaro’s involvement in the heist and his experiences within the organized crime world were part of the larger narrative in the film, but his character did not receive direct representation under his name.

The movie “Goodfellas” focused on the broader criminal world, and Asaro’s role was woven into the storyline as one of the participants in the Lufthansa heist. While the film captured the heist

and its impact on the characters involved, it did not feature a specific character named Vincent Asaro.

Vincent Asaro Obituary – FAQs

1. Who was Vincent Asaro’s uncle, and what role did he play in Asaro’s exposure to the mafia?

Vincent Asaro’s uncle was Michael Zaffarano, a significant figure in mob circles who influenced Asaro’s early involvement in organized crime.

2. What notorious crime is Vincent Asaro most famously associated with?

Vincent Asaro is most famously associated with the 1978 Lufthansa heist at JFK airport, a crime that inspired the movie “Goodfellas.”

3. What was the outcome of Vincent Asaro’s 2015 trial related to the Lufthansa heist?

Despite his cousin Gaspare Valenti testifying against him, Vincent Asaro was acquitted of charges related to the Lufthansa heist in the 2015 trial.

4. Why was Vincent Asaro granted compassionate release in 2020?

Vincent Asaro was granted compassionate release in 2020 due to health concerns and his vulnerability to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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