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by Moore Martin

Is www.wabosbest.net legit? Unfortunately, this website has a medium-low trusting rank. The Scam Detector’s validator offers an overview of this site and its Affiliate Programs industry. Let’s look at some important information so you can judge for yourself.

The Scam Detector’s algorithm gives this business the following rank:


Below there is the reason why www.wabosbest.net received this score. At the same time, besides the review, we’ll show you what you can do if you already lost money to a scam.

www.wabosbest.netAffiliate Programs

As www.wabosbest.net is listed under a somehow popular Affiliate Programs niche, we tried to capture a short paragraph from its website to see what we gather:

conduct financial transactions-Home

Let’s look at a review of www.wabosbest.net below.

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www.wabosbest.net Review

Our analysis finds that www.wabosbest.net has a medium-low authoritative score of 42.50. This means that the site could be flagged as Controversial. Risky. Red Flags.

To get the review started, we have a few reasons for this 42.50 rating. The domain name is somehow new, but that’s not just it. Our algorithm came up with the 42.50 score after it aggregated 50 factors relevant to the website’s Affiliate Programs niche. These elements range – but are not limited to -the WHOIS data and some social media negative feedback to Tranco rank and some of the technology used in building the website.

Let’s get into details and check out what the terms mentioned in the Details section are. There are elements such as Domain Creation Date, Website popularity, Domain blacklist status, HTTPS connection, Proximity to suspicious websites, Threat profile, Phishing profile, Malware score and Spam score.

While the first 4 of them are self-explanatory, let’s discuss the last five. The first is “Proximity to suspicious websites”. What does that mean? It means that, through either its servers, IP address or other online connections, www.wabosbest.net has an association – on a range from 1 to 100 – to sites that have been flagged as malicious. The higher the number is, the higher the proximity to these controversial websites is. Sometimes, the websites’ owners are not even aware that their site is in the very close vicinity of dubious ones, as both may be hosted on a platform that is not super safe. However, if the ‘Proximity to suspicious websites’ score is very high (for example over 80) you can rest assured that the website is definitely risky. If it’s under 30, it’s not that bad.

Still referring to the Details section above, the scores listed under the Threat profile, Phishing profile, Malware and Spam are exactly what they are named after. These scores are determined by the risk levels and elements that are found inside the website, in the HTML code. Maybe the website contains malware and the owners don’t know (or do) and the virus could be transmitted – hence the Malware score; or the email address used for this business has been reported as spammy – hence the Spam score.

Referring to these two scores, the numbers up to 30 are not extremely dangerous, while everything over that limit should be considered as red flags.

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