Want To Know Your Baby’s Sex Before 20th Week?

by James Martin

Want to know your baby’s sex before the 20-week via sneak peek ultrasound? It detects male DNA using a noninvasive blood test developed by Gateway Genomics. Using Sneak Peek Test, you can get fast, easy sex determination results within 2 days additionally these results are guaranteed at 99.1% accuracy.


It is highly sensitive to the presence of male chromosomes with a rigorous noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT). Baby boys are born when male DNA is detected in mom’s blood, while girls are born when female DNA is detected.


In labs, all samples are triple-checked, so you can be confident about the results. Many labs claim that their tests are 100% accurate because they have senior sonographers and the latest technology to assure accuracy.


Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Noninvasive prenatal testing, or NIPT, is a blood test used to reveal gender. It is a blood test that is available to all pregnant women, and along with gender determination.


Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), also known as noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS), determines the risk that a fetus will have certain genetic anomalies. During this test, a pregnant woman’s blood is examined for small fragments of DNA. They are called cell-free DNA (cfDNA) because they are free-floating and not within cells, unlike most DNA, which is found inside cells’ nuclei.


Mother’s blood contains a mixture of cfDNA from her body and the placenta during pregnancy. The placenta is a tissue between the uterus and the placenta of the mother. During pregnancy, these cells pass through the bloodstream of the mother. The DNA of placental cells is usually the same as the DNA of the fetus. By analyzing placental cfDNA, it is possible to detect certain genetic abnormalities in pregnant women without harming the fetus. This method is also useful for detecting gender.


How Does It Work?

When you are pregnant, pieces of your baby’s DNA circulate in your bloodstream. Consequently, the blood test can reveal a lot about your child. Tests can determine whether the Y chromosome is present or absent. Y chromosome means a boy is on the way. If not, your baby will be a girl.


An NIPT blood test is the way to go if you’re eager to find out your child’s sex but don’t want to await the age of your child for an ultrasound.


Does it Seem Safe?

Tests are 99.9% accurate when predicting a baby’s gender, and they are safe for both mom and baby.


How Accurate Is the Sneak Peek Test?

A large-scale study of 1,029 pregnant women between seven and 37 weeks gestation found the Sneak Peek blood test to be 99.9% accurate. An earlier study found that Sneak Peek tests were 99.1% accurate at eight weeks into pregnancy. In 1,028 of 1,029 pregnancies, the test correctly predicted the gender of the baby. The test results are so accurate that Sneak Peek offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are unreliable.


Where Can I Get More Information About Sneak Peek?

The BabyEnvisions team is pleased to offer the Sneak Peek Clinical test to expectant parents and their families. It’s exciting to wait for the exciting news of a gender test but a lot easier to plan when you know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. You no longer need to wait for your 20-week ultrasound to tell your friends and family. You can host a gender reveal party weeks earlier. Make an appointment with the world’s most renowned 3D 4D Ultrasound Studio in Springfield, Illinois USA to get started with your Sneak Peek Early Gender Test.

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