WATCH: Wild videos show LaGuardia Airport terminal flooded, Know What happened?

by Moore Martin

Wild videos show LaGuardia Airport terminal flooded

In a jaw-dropping video that has set the internet abuzz, LaGuardia Airport’s terminal found itself submerged in water, sending travelers scrambling through ankle-deep floods. These travelers, seeking to make their escape on budget airlines from LaGuardia Airport, were met with a surprising and perplexing sight. The incident unfolded on a Friday morning, leaving everyone eager for answers. What transpired at LaGuardia Airport, and what is the full story behind this inundating video? Let’s delve deeper into the details.

Unveiling the Chaos: LaGuardia Airport Terminal Flooded

The video and images that have surfaced paint a vivid picture of a terminal submerged in water, with frantic passengers attempting to make their way to safety. Some of the footage and photos captured water creeping up onto travelers’ boots and seeping through the revolving doors of the terminal. While the video unquestionably showcases a flash flood, the reason behind such a deluge at the airport remains shrouded in mystery. This unexpected flood left everyone bewildered and searching for answers. But fear not, as there are several aspects of this news that we need to explore in the following sections.

Airport Authority’s Response

In the midst of the flooding chaos, the authorities at LaGuardia Airport swiftly announced the temporary closure of operations at Terminal A. Passengers were directed to relocate to Terminal C and were advised to confirm their flights before proceeding with check-in, according to the official announcement. This unexpected turn of events left travelers both shocked and surprised. Furthermore, the neighboring John F. Kennedy Airport reported 42 delayed flights and 9 cancellations, adding to the chaos caused by the flooding at LaGuardia Airport.

A Collaborative Effort

To compile this article for our readers, we have consulted various sources to gather all pertinent information. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive account of the incident. We have painstakingly curated details from multiple sources to ensure that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. Rest assured, should we acquire any additional details, you will be the first to know right here on our website. Stay tuned for further updates.


The startling footage of LaGuardia Airport’s terminal submerged in water has left the public in awe and anticipation. While the video suggests a flash flood, the exact cause of this extraordinary event remains elusive. LaGuardia Airport’s swift response in temporarily closing Terminal A and relocating passengers to Terminal C highlights the urgency of the situation. With multiple flight delays and cancellations at John F. Kennedy Airport further compounding the issue, it is clear that this incident has had a significant impact on air travel in the region.

As we continue to monitor the situation and gather more information, we urge travelers to stay informed and check for updates regarding their flights. The safety and well-being of passengers remain paramount, and we will strive to keep you updated with the latest developments.


1. What caused the flooding at LaGuardia Airport?

– The exact cause of the flooding remains unknown, but it appears to be a flash flood.

2. How did LaGuardia Airport respond to the flooding?

– LaGuardia Airport temporarily closed operations at Terminal A and directed passengers to Terminal C. Travelers were advised to confirm their flights before check-in.

3. Were there any flight disruptions at nearby airports?

– Yes, John F. Kennedy Airport reported 42 delayed flights and 9 cancellations in the wake of the flooding at LaGuardia Airport.

4. Is there any ongoing investigation into the incident?

– The authorities are likely to investigate the cause of the flooding, but no official statement has been released at this time.

5. Where can I find updates on this situation?

– We will continue to provide updates on this incident as more information becomes available on our website. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

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