Ways to Increase Etsy Sales

by Carter Toni

With the growth in the ecommerce sector, competition has increased heavily on the Etsy platform. The number of crafters, artists, and collectors selling on the online marketplace has increased to over 4.5 million, making it hard to sell an item. Despite the stiff competition, sellers on Etsy are making five figures or more worth of sales every month.

The market gives every seller an equal opportunity to display their handmade creations, vintage collections, and handmade and non-handmade crafts. What you do with the opportunity determines how often you will win customers. Here are ways to help win more customers on Etsy.

Make your shop on Etsy big

One of the secrets for increasing Etsy sales is to make your shop on Etsy big. It’s some simple math that will help you achieve success. Every item you list on Etsy gives you one window or chance to make a sale. If you list 100 items, you have 100 windows of opportunities to make a sale. By listing 1000 items, you have 1000 sale opportunities.

This principle works even in physical shops. A shop full of items makes more sales because customers will have more choices. If around 500 customers seek different items on Etsy and find a large variety of products in your store, you will have a chance to sell the entire stock that day.

Get the Etsy SEO right

Currently, there are more than 60 million products on Etsy. This number is big enough to confuse any buyer who wants to scroll through all the products to decide what they want to buy. There is an easier way customers use to search for the products they want or closely related ones – keywords.

The customer already has an idea of what they are looking for, but they don’t know which seller has it. If they know you or your account by its name, they will directly search by your name. However, since they don’t know you directly, they type keywords to find products. When describing your products, describe them with well-planned SEO keywords, whether highly searched single or two-word keywords or less-searched longtail keywords.

Do not sell everything to everyone

Do not commit the mistake many Esty sellers make. They fill their shop with anything for anyone. Not every site can work like Amazon, so you need to make it very specific. It will fail you and your products could be lost in the large pool of sellers in the Etsy market.

Narrow down your niche and sell a specific range of items. If you decide your shop will sell vintage collections, do it and keep away from crafts. If you decide to sell traditional woven crafts, let that be your niche. The main point is, don’t be everyone selling to anyone.

Your social media account is a treasure. Utilize it fully

Whether you have a specific social media account for your Etsy shop or use your personal account, the account’s profile can help boost sales. When creating your listing, add handles to the profile.

Upload more into your daily posts to engage your Etsy customers. It will help you have a personalized relationship with them and make special announcements such as upcoming promotions or giveaways to those who follow you.

Find help whenever you can

In the business field, many do not wish to work on their flaws, but thankfully, many aim for perfection with their out-of-the-box ideas. Search for a good community of sellers who can advise you whenever you feel stuck with your Etsy shop.

For example, the Etsy platform has its unique community called the Etsy forum, where you can find any answer about making sales for your shop. The platform also has an Instagram account where you can find ideas for attracting customers to your shop.

The old-time selling tricks are still viable

Customers are always looking for opportunities to save a few dollars while wanting top value in the products they purchase. This is why purchasers window shop in multiple places before deciding where to buy. They are window shopping mostly because they want a better price offer. Allow them to buy from your Etsy shop by offering sales promotions once in a while. You can give a limited window within which the promotion is valid to help them make a quick purchase decision.

Once in a while, give your regular customers giveaways. Check the prices your competitors have listed and offer lower prices to attract more customers. This is an old-time trick but it is viable even today.

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