How The Receiver Is the Most Important Part of Your Gun

by Carter Toni

Firearm types, makes, and styles are incredibly wide and varied, whether it is for sport, target shooting, hunting, personal protection, and more, the type of firearm that you choose to purchase and have must suit the need and be used appropriately. This article will explain and discuss why the receiver or lower is the most important part of your firearm. Yes, this may be somewhat controversial in that many will beg to differ and argue that it is actually the barrel that is more important. Yet read on, and you will understand why it’s actually the receiver that you should be paying most attention to.

What’s in the receiver

The receiver is the part of the firearm that contains all the moving parts and the firing mechanisms. The bolt, the firing mechanism, the hammer, and the firing chamber are all in the lower or the receiver. The fact that it is these working parts that cause the firearm to fire, which makes the receiver, or lower the most critical part of any gun. It is this logic that provides food for thought and will prescribe what type of lower you need to complete your firearm.

In the USA, the receiver is considered the firearm, and as such, anyone purchasing a receiver must undergo a background check. It is thus also popular to buy one that is only 80 percent complete, which simplifies that purchase process and nullifies this need for the background check. Many people have thus rushed out to simply buy any receivers that they can, but this is a huge mistake in that, as is discussed here, it is the receiver that will make the firearm, and as such, you should be looking for the best quality in a lower or receiver, rather than simply looking to avoid a little paperwork.

It’s a precision part,and an 80 lower receiver from are milled to perfection, providing you the best part for the job and also making assembly and firearm completionextremely simple.

The receiver is by far the most importantpart of your firearm, and this is arguably the reason that all states have realized that it is this part of the gun that requires registration and permits.

Licensing and tracing

The receiver is thepiece of the firearm that can be tracked and traced the easiest ofall the other components, and as such, it is this piece of the firearm that must be serial coded and recorded. It is for this reason that you should stay away from anything that is used or second-hand and look for genuine suppliers that are recommended by others in the community.

Final comments

It is thus the receiver of your firearm that you must make sure is of top quality but also from a reputable source. Buying quality components to assemble your own firearm is a rewarding process and will provide you with peace of mind if you have purchased and have the appropriate parts and components. Safety must be front and center, and as such, the receiver you buy must be the real thing.

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