Creative Ways To Make Fast Money, When You Need it Most

by Karen

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How to earn money faster

There are times when you are in utter need of money and your salary is days away. You need to arrange for some money and you need to do it fast.

Whatever position you are in and whatever urgent need for money you have, you have to have some fast money making methods then to meet with the crisis. You need to have some options to make a few bucks, at the time you need money real bad.

Please be sure to stick to some legitimate options of making fast money, not otherwise. Here certain options have been suggested for your making fast few bucks to meet with your emergency situation and every option suggested here is well tried and tested for their effectiveness.

Ways to make fast money

Change your banks

Do you know how much money your current bank is paying you in term of interest? Do you know that you can earn much more money in term of interests paid to you on your account, if you simply switch to an Online Savings Account. You just have to find a bank that pays you a higher interest on your savings with them.

Certain banks offer cash bonus to their new customers, to make them switch their accounts to them. You can find out two such banks who are offering you such cash bonuses. Be clear about their terms and conditions and know about the locking time for your money, for yo to get your cash bonus from them.

You can earn money renting out your Garage with Spacer Over 200,000+ people are currently part of the Spacer community, earning up to $450 extra each month renting out their unused garage, parking space or driveway. 92% of Americans have access to at least one car parking space and most barely spend any time with their car actually taking up this space. If you’ve got an empty garage or car park, find out how to become a host.

You can take paid surveys with Survey Junkie

Companies conduct surveys to know and understand their consumers better and they pay money to their survey takers. Websites such as Survey Junkie will pay you a handsome amount for completing a survey.

Survey Junkie asks you some simple questions at the time of your signing up with them. They want to know about you better to match you with surveys applicable to you.

A new survey is added every day by Survey Junkie. You can encash the points you have earned in surveys through UPIs such as PayPal.

You can deliver groceries with Postmates

You can earn money by acting as a Postmates courier to deliver things such as groceries, takeout food from restaurants and even alcohol to customers.

You can use your bike to make deliveries, if you do not have a car. You can make as much money you want with Postmates.

You need to create an account with Postmates first by submitting them your basic information, proof of your identity and your profile photo.

You will be then getting a Welcome kit from Postmates, after verifying your identity. You will be given a delivery bag and a prepaid card for you to purchase items.

You have to get this app and go online by linking your prepaid card to the Fleet app, go online, start accepting delivery offers and get paid.

You can see beforehand how much you are going to earn from the delivery you are going to make.

You can become a LifePoints community member

LifePoints rewards its members for sharing their opinion on the products and services, they use on a daily basis. Your feedbacks help the world’s largest companies and brands to make changes to their products for their customers.

They award you with LifePoints in exchange of your contribution that you can redeem for amazing rewards or gift cards. LifePoints also give you bonus for your registering with them today.

You can earn by making Swagbucks your default search engine

You will be earning points by surfing only as you do on daily basis. You can’t game on it but you can earn 10 to 20 Swagbucks for every 10 to 20 Swagbucks eligible searches you complete on it. You can redeem your Swagbucks via PayPal to encash your money.

You can have cash back programs for internet shopping, watch videos or take paid online surveys to earn money from Swagbucks. Upload their app for more information and you can earn sign up bonus amount by fulfilling its requirements. 

You allow Let Trim cut your bills by 30%

Trim does the hustling for you to slash down your bills. Trim analyzes your spending and find ways to cut it down. They call your every service provider and negotiate with them to give you a better deal on the same service. They also find out about your long forgotten hidden expenses and cancel it.

This is a free service. You earn money by saving money.

You can earn money by reading E mails and watching TV

InboxDollars pays you for doing this for them. You get paid for opening and skimming their E mails and for answering the questions. You get a bonus amount for signing up with them. You get paid handsomely for your time, and you can earn more if you match the demographic profile they are looking for.

You can earn money also by watching daily TV clips on their site. InboxDollars works only on a cash only system.

You flip textbooks for profit with BookScouter

Textbooks are expensive. They cost much for courses such as Engineering or Healthcare.

You can flip them for profit. You can compare prices of the books across 44 different vendors and pick the one offering you the best price. You can also make cash offers to students and flip the books online for profit. You can run an ISBN through BookScouter tool in seconds only. You can make some extra money through it.

Pinecone Research pays you money for testing products

It is a market research company. It polls consumers about products on behalf of large companies, finding out their answers they look for.

Pinecone Research also sends you the products for you to use and test them. You can keep the products if you give them a quality review. So you get paid for your review and also can keep the free products.

The payout method for survey to the surveyors, offered by Pinecone Research is unmatched in the survey industry. The payments are good and frequent. 

Nielsen tells you about your usage of Internet

This company pays you through their unique program, known as Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel and it pays you for data. This company uses Artificial Intelligence to make inferences automatically about the user’s internet uses.

You can a steady amount per anum from this company, as its non invasive ways, that does not slow down your devices, by running anonymously in the background to collect data, does its job silently. You have to just register your device and leave their app installed.

You can rent out your extra space with Airbnb

You can earn money by renting your extra space to Airbnb. You can list the space on the app and screen potential guests to get paid. Airbnb provides you a huge sum worth of insurance of your belongings, to cover you up against any mishap.

You create a listing by filling out a description, taking and uploading photos of your space and setting a price. The guests can guess what is your place is like. You then set a date the space will be available and draft your house rules. The moment the listing is live, guests can book and stay at your home and your earning begins.

You make money on the go with Uber Eats

If you have a vehicle or if you can move on your feet, you can get paid to deliver food in your spare times, with Uber Eats. You have to deliver all types of food to a wide range of customers.

You can sign up in minutes. No fixed hours of work and no bosses for you. You can work whenever you have free time. You get paid instantly on delivery.

Earn with renting out your car with Getaround

If you can spare your vehicle, you can rent it out to Getaround to earn money. They list your vehicle in their app and automatically connect you with people in your area, who are in need of borrowing a car. They can view, book and retrieve your car straight from that app. You need not mess around anywhere.

You get access to premium parking as well as an amount for monthly rental credit, as a Getaround car owner. You also get an insurance coverage of a real huge amount. You can sign up with them with just a few clicks. Give the name of your car, your locality and availability and you will get the rent paid monthly, on 15th of every month. 

You can refer new users to Vindale Research

It is a market research company. You earn from your surveys. You can refer them a new survey taker to earn a bonus amount.

You focus more on referring users. There is no eligibility for this work. You register, log in and get your referral link. You find out how and where you will get new users.

Earn money by becoming an Instacart Shopper

It is serving them who have difficulty in leaving home. Those who cannot even shop for their groceries, you work to help such people. You deliver the ordered items from the store and deliver it to them.

You sign into the app and mark yourself available for shopping. You serve people and get paid for it. The amount varies, but you can earn good from Instacart Shopper.

Make fast money as Freelance writer

You can write to earn money. It is an opening of jobs available nationwide for writers and specialist on topics. The bloggers, business owners and big brands pay you good amount of money for your writing for them, if you are a high quality free lance writer. They prefer to outsource their writing work to hiring full time staff for the work. Writers are earning fabulous amount of money from Freelance writing work.

You can earn money by becoming Freelance Proofreader

If you have keen eyes and can catch typographical mistakes, poor grammar or any mistake in written text, you can earn money with Freelance proof reading work. There is an app Proofread Anywhere that teaches how to proofread. You can sign up with them to join their free workshops and they will tell you how to make money from proofreading work.

You can buy Dividend Paying Stocks through Ally Invest

You can have a variable income by investing in the stock market, outside your own business. S&P 500 has given a constant return of 8% per year on an average, since long. It is higher than any other investment options.

You can opt for stock investment if you have some extra money with you. It will generate you passive returns. You should contact a discount broker like Ally Invest for this. You can have either a Managed account or a self Directed Account, for investing in stocks. 

You can start a Blog with HostGator

You can make money with this. DollarSprout uses blogging to share information about earning and saving more money. You can do your part in it and make money.

You can start writing a blog on any subject that interests you. You can earn money through your blogs. Some of the bloggers are earning a good sum of money with HostGator. You can get started with a very meager sum of money spent every month. You can check out HostGator for this.

Join Fundrise to become a real estate Moghul

Real estate investment is now being changed by Fundrise. You can now benefit from real estate investments regardless of your net worth. You can generate consistent cash flow and long term appreciation from Fundrise now.

You can now invest your money in a portfolio filled with many real estate projects, according to your objectives. Every project is carefully developed here to grow your net worth.

You can get paid by investing with Acorns

Acorns is a simple investing app. You can make your money grow by investing your money into investments designed to grow in value over time. It is a great app in making your investments if you are new to this field.

Acorns rounds up the spare change from your daily purchases and invests it in stock market. It offers a bonus to you to sign up with them. Acorns will deposit this amount into your account the moment you open a new account with them.

You can have Peer to Peer Lending to earn money

It is a financial system that matches borrowers with investors. You act as a bank as an investor. You fund projects that have potential returns. Services of Lending Club tell you who is potentially good for lending your money.

You can open an account and transfer some money as minimum deposit.

You can build a portfolio by investing in a range of loans in increments with little amount of money.

You will receive monthly payments of Principal and Interests as your borrowers repay their loans.

You can reinvest this amount or withdraw the cash.

Play video games with MyPoints and get paid

MyPoints is a reward site. It pays the users to perform micro tasks on a daily basis. You can earn points every day by watching videos, more points by visiting certain partners and maximum points by playing a game on the site.

You should make it your home page, as your daily playing is very important. You can also refer users to this program and earn money. You can withdraw your earnings via gift cards, travel miles or PayPal cash.

You can collect money with Rakuten

You can earn money by going out of your house to buy something. You earn by getting cash backs instantly on your purchases.

You can use Rakuten in tandem with your choice of cash back credit cards and you will be saving about 10% to 45% in all the items you buy throughout the year. You can save a good amount of money in a year and this money saved is your money earned.

You can automate your savings with Digit

And you can get a cash bonus also with Digit. Digit is an app that analyzes your spending and automatically saves a perfect amount for you every day. You can plan for your next event with this automatic savings made by Digit. You can set up your account to get a free bonus also.

You can earn rewards easily with Drop App

Drop is a free app. It rewards you for your daily spending. You have to download the app and create an account and then link a debit or credit card with it to start your earning. You earn points when you shop with the partner brands of Drop App.

You can also earn points by completing simple tasks and your referrals to your friends. You can earn points by integrating other apps or completing a Linked or Mobile offer.

Earn money by doing virtual assistance work

It is the best and fastest way to earn money. Virtual assistance help small businesses to complete their daily tasks, making them free from hiring extra manpower.

You can do customer support, administrative support, management of social media profiles, management of websites, E mail copywriting and marketing etc, and earn a good amount of money every day. 

You can walk dogs and earn money with Rover

Rover is a dog walking and a pet sitting website. It looks for qualified dog walkers in cities, all over the country. You need to be 18 years of age to start this work. You can earn good money for just a 30 minute walk and you can make money fast.

You can make money with Facebook ads

You can create and post ads on Facebook for so many of your local businesses, who are not able to do it themselves and they are losing business for it.

The industry charges a large sum every month for this from their clients. You can do it for fewer amounts to get started. You will grow as more clients come in for you and your reputation grows with it.

Earn instant money by linking a card with Dosh

Dosh is a cash back app and is very popular in social media. It offers free money to attract new users.

You have to download the app and connect your credit or debit card with it. You now earn money on your every purchase. And can deposit your cash backs in your bank accounts. Every reward in Dosh is pure cash.

You can earn money by telling your five friends about Ibotta

It is also a cash back app. It helps the consumers to save money on common purchases. Ibotta offers bonus to you at the time of your signing up. It also gives you cash in a grocery store.

Earn money by completing micro tasks

Micro tasks are the simplest way to make fast money. These are online work and you get paid to do it. You can do these works from home. You need not appear in any interview or work for any set hours to do this job.

You can explore crypto currency to earn money

You might be knowing about crypto currency. You can join the action but you must have thorough knowledge about it first. You can do this work with Coinbase App. You can sign up through Coinbase link and investing some money.

You can find unclaimed money

You can visit site for finding money that is due to you and you have forgotten about it. This website helps you to find your this lost money.

Listverse helps you in making fast money

If you are a writer, this website is for you. It has umpteen numbers of articles. It pays you money to write a listicle of your own. You should know fair English for it, a sense of humor and love for unusual and interesting things.

New Lyft Driver pays you bonus money

You can become a Lyft driver and it will allow you to make money fast. When you complete your 100th ride, you get a lump sum in bonus. You can get the bonus if you work hard on weekends.

You can drive with Uber

You can drive with Uber and make money fast, on your own schedule. They also offer good bonus to new drivers in special areas.

You can get a promotion in your job

You can increase your earning by getting a promotion in your job.

You can ask for a pay raise

You should ask your boss to give you a pay raise.

You can work overtime

Working overtime is also a great way to increase your income.

You earn more money to meet your needs and to have more freedom.

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