Websites Like Ruble : Check Out The List And Features Here!

by Moore Martin

Websites Like Ruble

Please read the entire article to learn more about Websites Similar to Ruble.

Do you want to earn rubles? Do you know about the sites that allow you to earn rubles every day? Many websites promise to pay you for liking, following, and commenting. A number of people around the world are searching for authentic websites that pay rubles for watching and liking videos.

This article will provide details on Ruble-like websites.

List of websites

Commenting and liking on photos or videos is an excellent way to earn money. Thousands of people around the world are searching for websites that pay for watching videos. We’ve listed a few sites that will pay you to watch videos. Some websites will pay you for following, liking, or commenting. Please ignore the fact that some sites are scams. We’ve listed a few that will pay you to watch videos.

  • Like 1GetLike
  • Targeted by VK
  • Fast teaser
  • Visit the box
  • Social media

Our search on websites only led us to these sites. We cannot guarantee their authenticity since the information they provide comes from different online sources.

Ruble-like websites

Here are a few brief descriptions of the websites that pay in rubles that we mentioned in the previous section.

Let’s get likes

It is a site that rewards people for liking, following and commenting on different social media profiles. The site is aimed at increasing the number of followers who like and comment. You can earn over 200 rubles per day. A minimum of 100 rubles can be withdrawn.

Targeted by VK

Social media websites allow users to earn rubles through social media. Users can take rubles once they accumulate 15 rubles.


Ipweb allows you to withdraw up to five rubles using websites similar to Ruble.

Fast teaser

The minimum amount of rubles you can withdraw on this website is one ruble. You will be able to make rubles using Mozilla Chrome browser, Mozilla.

Visit our box

You can withdraw as little as 1 ruble for watching ads on this website.

Social media

Watching advertisements can earn you money. The minimum withdrawal is 9 rubles.

What is the legitimacy of these sites?

As we have gathered these details from internet sources, we cannot guarantee their legitimacy. We advise users to take precautions while using these sites and avoid sharing personal information. Like we said, every site has a different threshold for withdrawing rubles in order to increase the number of likes and comments on social media profiles.

For websites to pay you, you must open a bank account. If you’re interested in earning rubles online, read this article at least once.


The post is now complete In this article, we will provide you with complete information on websites which pay you rubles. You can earn rubles by watching ads, watching videos, commenting and liking via social media. The purpose of this is to increase comments and likes. Visit this page for more information about rubles.

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