What Are the Economic Benefits of Automatic Counter in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

by Carter Toni

The automatic counter machine is now an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry for various applications. Its application range has been extending rapidly with the substantial growth of medicinal sales in recent years. Economic benefits are infinite; hence, nearly all mainstream manufacturers have adopted automatic counting technology.

The market for pharmacy automation has witnessed considerable gains due to the introduction of innovative technology, such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), barcode scanning, smart dashboard, and data security in recent years. The global market for the automated counter is expected to grow from $5.1 billion in 2021 to $9.5 billion by 2028, at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 9.3% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for cost-effective, quick, and accurate inventory management systems across the globe is expected to drive market growth.

In this article, we will talk about the automatic counting machine and its advantages in the pharmaceutical industry.

How Does Automatic Counter Work?

The automatic pharmacy counter is used to count capsules and tablets in the pharmaceutical packaging process. The tablets and capsules are packaged in blister packs, and the blister pack is placed in a paper tray which is then stacked on top of each other to form a pile of packs. The tablets and capsules were counted by hand for each individual blister pack, paper tray, and then for the whole lot.

With an automated pill counter, this process can now be done very quickly and accurately with a single push of a button. A tablet counter is used to scan the tablets and capsules through an optical sensor which counts the number of tablets inside each individual blister pack, paper tray, and at the end of all packs. The whole counting process takes place automatically in a few seconds.

What Does Automatic Counter Bring to the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Most people are aware that pharmacies need to keep accurate records of their inventory and that this can be done with an automated counter. However, there are many reasons why these counters need to be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacies use an automated counter because it is quite a hassle and time-consuming to do the job manually. The main reason for this is that there are many different types of medicines and each one comes in different packaging. A pharmacy has hundreds or even thousands of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, so the task of counting and recording would require a lot of time and effort if it was done manually.

A tablet counter can also prevent errors that might otherwise occur during counting by hand. Human error is always possible when working under pressure, especially when handling fragile, easily broken packages such as tablets or capsules. A machine makes this process completely error-free, which means that every count will be accurate and any loss immediately apparent. The speed at which an automated counter works saves time as well as money.

The Economic Benefits of Using Automatic Counters in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Automatic counting machines can improve the efficiency of production, reduce cost and increase profit. This device also can ensure the accuracy of tablet counting. With the development of science and technology, automatic tablet counter plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry all over the world at the present time.

Counting the tablets manually takes a lot of time and money. It may take up a lot of employees’ time. The automated tablet counter solves this problem by counting tablets automatically. Thus, the pharmacy staff can concentrate on other important tasks instead of spending their precious time on repetitive manual counting.

According to research by pharmacy systems magazine, an average pharmacy spends $50,000 per year on salaries alone for counting medications manually. In contrast, the price of an automated tablet counter is relatively low and can pay itself off in one year or two at most. Therefore, it is highly economical to purchase and operate an automatic tablet counter than to hire more employees to count tablets manually.

Pharmapack Automatic Counter (PP-24MS) And Its Advantages

Pharmapack automatic counter (PP-24MS) is manufactured and exported by Pharmapack, a well-known brand in the industry. PP-24MS is designed to accurately count groups of tablets during dispensing. Its modular design enables easy replacement of worn or broken parts, and the counter can be quickly and easily field configured to suit different machine configurations.

The counter’s operator interface allows for the selection of operating parameters such as counting speed and mode of operation, which in turn determine the number of tablets counted per second and the required accuracy.

The counter is mounted on a voice coil servo vibration, which reduces overall noise levels over the entire operating range. It also has a flexible support bracket that ensures intelligent control, better stability at all operating speeds.

The camera detection system helps tablet counter more accurately to count tablets. When there are no tablets on the tray, the tablet counter will stop counting automatically. The system also helps to prevent double counting. Also, the unique design of the tablet counter will greatly reduce the dusting problem, which is a common problem for all other tablet counters on the market.

This new generation automated counter uses a stable and advanced counting sensor technology, which is reliable and accurate for pharmaceutical industries. The counting efficiency of the automatic pill counter is higher than that of the traditional counter. It can count approximately 24000 capsules/min. The sub-systems are designed in modular units, so if one of the units breaks down or malfunctions, it can be replaced with ease.


Overall, Pharmapack automatic counter (PP-24MS) is one of the best counting machines in the market with a high-quality, long-life span and convenient operation. The device performs very fast detection of medicines and can restrain the risk of errors in counts. It has high reliability and stability, a convenient operating system, and an affordable price. The counter’s technical parameters meet all international requirements as per cGMP.

Pharmapack, the company behind it, is the leader in the niche market, dominant in developing and manufacturing equipment for unmet medical needs. The company employs technology to enhance productivity, quality, and precision.

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