What Content Do Cisco CCIE Data Center Courses Include?

by Carter Toni

There are seven directions in Cisco certification system. In addition to CCIE Routing and Switching direction and CCIE Security direction, Cisco Data Center direction (CCIE DC) also belongs to the hot list. What content do Cisco Data Center courses include? In fact, the course content is mainly divided into three parts: L2 / L3 connectivity and network services, unified storage network and computing, and ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure). These courses require 48 class hours (one and a half months), including 24 class hours for L2 / L3 connectivity and network services, and 12 class hours for the last two parts.

1. L2 / L3 connectivity and network services

This part of the courses teaches the advanced features of Nexus switching. The specific course contents include OTV, multicast, QoS, security maintenance and optimization, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), LISP language, virtual scalable LAN technology (VXLAN), etc. Among them, OTV, multicast and VXLAN courses have theoretical part and experimental part, which are: advanced features of data center interconnection, multicast network of data center and advanced tunnel technology of data center.

2. Unified storage network and computing

The part of unified storage network and computing will discuss advanced storage features, such as routing between VSAN, UCSM and vCenter integration, etc. Among them, UCSM has an experimental course, which focuses on the advanced features of unified computing system.

3. ACI

The part of ACI-Application Centric Infrastructure is about policy based data center, ACI integration and embedded services, and ACI Network Programming. The experimental course includes SDN advanced features of data center, software definition and network programming.

The above is the content of Cisco Data Center courses spotodumps aItshould be noted that the certification is divided into a written examination (CCIE DC Written) and a lab examination (CCIE DC LAB). Candidates are qualified only if they pass both the written examination and the lab examination. The written examination is easy to pass if you master the course knowledge well, but the experimental examination tests the comprehensive ability, mainly including DIAG fault diagnosis, CFG configuration & TS fault troubleshooting, etc. So it is necessary to strengthen practice so that you can get good scores in Cisco certification exam.

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