What Do You Need to Know About Arc Flash Study and Analysis?

by Carter Toni

The most important question that we want to cover today is: why do I need an arc flash study? Such phenomena are typical for factories and organizations with powerful equipment. At the same time, you require a person who can assess risks and dangers, ensure the safety of employees, and react immediately in the event of a dangerous situation. Therefore, arc flash study is a necessary prerequisite for the stable operation of any production.

Who is arc flash study in Canada for?

Based on what is the purpose of an arc flash study, arc flash study company offers its lessons to a large audience:

  • Security specialists
  • Electricians
  • Factory managers
  • Electrical and safety inspectors

In general, making an arc flash study report is a must-have skill for every technician. Who can perform an arc flash study? It is obvious that these should be trained experienced specialists who understand not only the specifics of this phenomenon but also the specifics of the operation of various equipment at factories. Accordingly, they share truly valuable and useful information that will come in handy.

What is an arc flash study?

Arc flash study in electrical engineering is all about understanding danger and risk. This is an electrotechnical analysis of the facility’s electricity distribution system. It allows you to determine how hot an electric arc flash can get at any point where a worker can interact with that system. Based on the analysis, each element of electrical equipment can be labeled according to a specific level of incident energy, which is measured in cal/cm2.

An arc flash study is important because, without it, workers, employees, and contractors cannot know how dangerous the equipment they are working on is. Here is the answer to another critical question: when is an arc flash study required?

Each piece of electrical equipment usually has a different level of incident energy. The main purpose of arc flash study is to analyze and determine the hazard, the severity of which can vary from 2nd-degree burns to catastrophic heat levels that can lead to death. Therefore, arc flash study cost is the price that owners pay for the safety, health, and even life of their employees.

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