What is a Benchtop Ductless Fume Hoods used for in the laboratory?

by Cleatech

The laboratory fume hoods are useful in various labs and industrial work places to help rid the area there from toxic fumes which had been the result from different experiments and reactions. These are found in different lab types and the main goal would be in protecting the users and lab workers from getting contaminated.

The air gets pulled away and filtered in an external environment by these fume hoods. The fume hoods are available in different types of shapes like benchtop ones which can be used in small labs and large cabinet models which can be used in larger labs. Generally, the specific experiments and applications would be used to determine the type of fume hood that would be required.

Features of the benchtop ductless fume hoods:

  1. The work surface is made with polypropylene. The fan filtered housing is also resistant to acids and various chemicals.
  2. There is an optional charcoal filter which can help in removing several different organic fumes.
  3. The HEPA filters are highly efficient.
  4. These Portable Fume Hoods; they are modular and an all over economic system.
  5. These hoods have adjustable speed blowers which can ensure safe exhaust flows.
  6. There is a quick releasing blower and filtered housing that can be used for easier filter replacements.
  7. They can be kept on various work surfaces. They are quite easy to carry.
  8. These fume hoods have two hinged shields which increase the air speed with restrictions on the air flow.

What is the format of the ductless fume hoods?

These fume hoods are available in polypropylene, sliding sash and double wall formats.

What are the features of the ductless fume hoods?

  1. They have a completely natural construction from polypropylene. The seamless design will help in reducing the chances of rust gathering in the future.
  2. There is a chemical resistance because of the integral spill trays which are useful for the high volume containments.
  3. There is an even pattern for airflow and it will provide you with a good capture capability.
  4. There would be a constant monitoring and the adjustment of the face velocity for different preset values.
  5. The base is removable and has a high temperatures flame retardation quality.
  6. The internal chambers have polypropylene which is also a flame retardant.
  7. The dual wall helps in services and fixtures placements.
  8. These are highly resistant to humidity also.

What are the accessories that are available for these fume hoods?

There are several different types of accessories that are available for these devices like the mounted fixtures, electrical outlets, and ULPA filters. You can also get Sinks and Base cabinets. You can also get spare parts easily for these fume hoods. If you want to get more information regarding these fume hoods, then you must search for “benchtop ductless fume hoods” on the internet.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. You can stay tune to us for more details about ductless fume hoods.

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