What is form 1094 B

by Carter Toni

Form 1094B is a form that can be submitted by an insurance company or group health plan to report the number of benefits paid for individuals covered under a group health plan. It is used when calculating employee taxable compensation and must be reported on Form W-2.

The Role of the 1095-B

The 1095-B is a form that’s sent to you by your employer. It provides information about the coverage you received from them, including:

  1. How Much Do I Owe?
  2. What kind of plan does my employer offer?
  3. What will be done with the money I pay for health coverage if I don’t have insurance or can’t afford it?

You may be covered by this form if:

You’re an employee working for a company that provides health insurance to its employees (or former employees). It includes businesses like retail stores and restaurants and some government agencies such as colleges and universities; nonprofit organizations like churches may offer some benefits package through their payroll department. If so, they’ll send out one copy each year via mail after filing their annual tax return at the end of January or February (depending on when tax season falls).

What’s in the 1094-B?

Apart from knowing what is What is form 1094 b, you need to know what it contains. The 1094-B form reports the number of individuals covered by your health insurance plan and their coverage dates and names.

The number of individuals covered: This section should include the total number of persons enrolled in your plan at any time during the year (including yourself). If you’re self-employed or have multiple employers, list them all here.

Coverage Dates

You should note when each person started receiving benefits from your health care provider(s), but don’t worry about it if you don’t know for sure! Just state what month/year they started receiving benefits from one or more providers. For example: “John Smith began receiving coverage on December 1st.”


Information about each individual’s name (and TIN) is required by law; however, we recommend checking this box only if there are some unusual circumstances present—like maybe someone didn’t want their full name listed or another reason not wanting to disclose personal information like this publicly online!

Filing Information

Form 1094 b describes the information that an employer must electronically submit to an IRS office, rather than submitting a paper Form 1094, for each payment of wages for the calendar year to which the form relates. It provides information on wages paid, tax withheld from each income, or both to a specific person or people.

You must file Form 1095-B with your tax return after March 16th, 2019.

You must also submit Form 8965 if you have an eligible health plan for yourself, your spouse, and dependents during the year.

Why do I need Form 1094-B with Form 1095-B?

If you had specific health insurance coverage during 2017, you might have received a Form 1094-B from your insurer or Medicare Part D plan. If so, it’s essential that you complete and mails this form along with your federal income tax return (Form 1040).

As you can see, the 1094B form gives you all the information you would need to know. Millions of taxpayers use this form annually to file their federal tax returns. This information is most often used for businesses and nonprofits. If you are unfamiliar with the 1095-B, there are other forms you can use instead, such as Schedule C or Form 1041.

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