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A pair of womens sandals are the most versatile footwear of all. It is the perfect footwear for women on a beach or a stroll in the city and can be worn with or without socks. If you are heading to the beach, you can invest in an ankle-strap sandal as these are lightweight. Otherwise, go for a buckle sandal for extra fun and comfort. You can also wear these sandals in your daily chalet routine, as they are perfect for jogging or walking out in the cold air. As already mentioned, sandals are the perfect choice for the summer holidays. The best part? They are the least expensive footwear you can choose. You can get any pair at a discount from online shoe stores, especially those that cater to women. Many options are available, like open-toe sandals, ankle straps, laces with cinch ties, and more. Get the best sandals for women that are comfortable and fit you well.


What are the different types of sandals available?

1. Wedge sandals – Wedges are the only shoes that offer the best of both worlds: you get the height you need without the pain. They are the perfect shoe for short girls. They give you the extra boost to walk comfortably and make your legs look longer. The best part? They don’t look like you’re wearing heels. If you know someone who has a hard time wearing heels, you should gift them a pair of wedges for their birthday. To look your best in wedges, you must buy ones in the right size. This means that you have to have a little room between your big toe and the end of the shoe — this makes the shoe secure and comfortable. You should also make sure that the shoe is well-cushioned and has great arch support.

2. Leather shoes are undoubtedly the most versatile, affordable and fashionable footwear option available on the market. While many people might prefer the comfort of canvas shoes, the trend towards using leather footwear comes from the fact that it differs for each individual. If you have decided to commit to a pair of leather shoes for your next wardrobe update, you will need to consider a few important factors. For example, although leather shoes are incredibly durable and comfortable, you will want to make sure you have the right pair for your feet. Some leather shoes can be quite restrictive – especially if you have narrow feet. You will also want to consider the type of leather you purchase. Some people prefer softer leather, while others prefer more abrasive leather. The type of leather you choose will impact how your shoes or boots wear over time. Whether you prefer a stylish pair of boots or a pair of low-heeled sandals that look stylish at home or out and about, you’ll find the perfect shoes at Novo Shoes Australia.

3. Espadrille sandals are a timeless summer must-have. The possibilities are endless, from faux suede espadrilles to floral prints and strappy espadrilles with straps. For example, the gorgeous floral print espadrilles are very eye catching. These espadrilles are made from a soft cotton blend and feature intricate floral prints with an espadrille-esque silhouette and a sturdy lace-up ankle strap. Or pep up your summer style with metallic espadrilles. These espadrilles feature a trendy metallic finish and a funky espadrille-esque silhouette. They’re comfortable and versatile enough to be worn with everything from summer dresses to shorts and skirts. Wear them with denim, leather and shorts for a trend-led look or with a maxi dress and sandals for a vacation-ready ensemble.

4. When it comes to basics, it’s hard to beat a pair of simple flat sandals. Flats are not only perfect for spring and summer; they’re also easy to adapt to any season. Whether you’re in the mood for a sophisticated nude pair, a bright strappy pair or a pair of black strappy sandals, there is a flat sandal to suit your style and occasion. In fact, flats are not just for those who prefer a more casual look. You can add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble with the right pair of strappy sandals. From the nude and elegant to the black and bridal, a pair of strappy sandals suits every outfit.

5. Ballet flats are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. They can provide the perfect stylish accent while being comfortable enough to go with your everyday outfits. But where should you invest in your next pair of ballet shoes? Ballet flats come in a variety of styles and colours, so it’s important to consider your style and what you want to wear them for before making a selection. With the right pair of black ballet flats, you can dress up any outfit — or even create a new one. When it comes to choosing the best ballet flats, it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable. And while you can find heels that have comfort built in, most ballet shoes have little or no cushioning. It’s important to choose a pair that offers the right amount of support.

Summary –  Novo Shoes Australia range of womens sandals is perfect for those hot summer nights when you need something lightweight and cool. Shop their sandals collection online to keep your feet happy while bashed around during a sunset picnic on the beach.

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