What Is Growth Driven Design?

by Glenn Maxwell

Growth Driven Design gives a wonderful chance to modify and grow your business by fast and dynamically changing your current website to make it the primary lead generation machine for your organization.

It provides a more efficient and powerful alternative to the traditional value resolution technique for the digital channel design process with its value resolution approach.

As opposed to completely designing your website, it takes methods from the software implementation process and applies them in an iterative or gradual manner, depending on the requirements.

In this strategy, a b2b demand generation agency determines the highest-value pieces and their impacts in terms of pages or landing pages, and you launch these elements first in the redesigned model to ensure that they have the greatest impact.

In essence, it is introduced incrementally, starting from the bare minimum to attain completion in a model in which the first three months are dedicated to completing this phase; the following months should then be dedicated to launching progressive initiatives.

In Growth Driven Design you should focus to:

  • Avoid prolonged delivery dates, get out of the house, and don’t become stressed because anything is missing.
  • Costs and risks should be kept to a minimum.
  • Increase the amount of data collected from your website by directing that data collection toward understanding your users’ behavior and conducting systematic and frequent analyses of that behavior.
  • Create a website that is supported by actionable data, and serves as a model for data design and provision services.
  • Introduce high-quality information on a regular basis, and don’t cease doing so.

Modular architecture

Consider the following scenario: you want to introduce a new corporate website to the market.

The knowledge, content, photos, and audiovisual resources you require to get started are all in your possession.

Growth driven design aspires to create a necessary site, complete with aspects that provide value and that are superior to the current one in terms of functionality (if there is one).

So that a basic, yet powerful architecture can be prioritized, it is possible to achieve an accelerated launch in this manner.

A number of tools are included in this launch web platform to help you track the behavior of your visitors and learn more about who they are as well as what resources they value the most and how you can design a website that is personalized to their needs.

On top of that foundation, the remaining elements are gradually added in a systematic manner: sections, functionalities, resources, content, and so on.

Based on the information gathered by the launching platform, this allows your site to be constantly updated and to include tiny adjustments that ensure a better user experience for your visitors and customers.

Growth Driven Design’s modular structure shortens the time it takes to implement changes and updates, lowers development costs, and extends the useful life of a site, ensuring that it is always aligned with the business objectives of a company.

Design, usability, and user experience

The user experience refers to the method in which each visitor interacts with a website or its content.

We want to ensure that the individual who visits our site has a positive browsing experience and can comprehend and interact with the resources that they require on a consistent basis.

The concept of usability is based on the assumption that all users can navigate the site in an intuitive manner, that they understand how it works, what its sections are, how they can interact with it, and how they can access the various functions it provides in the most user-friendly manner possible.

Each company creates brand rules for its products or services, and design is concerned with the visual aesthetics and the way in which the elements are presented on screen.

Each of these considerations is organically integrated into the Growth Driven Design, which is a technique that is strongly centered on the user.

This means that the behavior and characteristics of visitors are taken into consideration while analyzing and evaluating the impact of updates, the addition of new functions, and the addition of additional resources to the website.

Results and scalability

One of the most intriguing qualities of Growth Driven Design is that it is a methodology that can be used for all sizes of businesses, whether they are small, medium, or large in scale.

Its approach to organizing work is tailored to the specific business objectives and growth plans of each organization.

In addition, it enables close monitoring of the results that are promised to be achieved. Using the analytical data collected from the launch pad, it is possible to monitor changes “in real-time,” analyzing the impact they may have on traffic and the usability of available resources.

It is a system that enables a company to maintain its corporate website “on the move,” demonstrating to clients that the organization is constantly trying to improve the resources and solutions it has to offer on its website.

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